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Safety Index:High
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Safety Index:High
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11 hours ago
I liked the themed slots, each of which seems to immerse you in a new story. Free spins rounds appear here quite often, but maybe I was so lucky because of a new account. The first 4 deposits give 300%, but the main advantage is on the free spins. The stakes are average and most bonuses are wagering normally.
  • Starter package
  • 15% cashback every day
  • I'm tired of spinning freespins
11 hours ago
I have been looking for a casino for a long time where I could feel comfortable and confident, and now I have found it. This site offers everything I need for a pleasant pastime: exciting games, high chances of winning and excellent service
  • I had a very positive impression of playing at this online casino. Now I only play here
  • I can't remember anything bad
12 hours ago
Love this Casino!
I have been a member here for awhile now. I won many small wins but I know a potential big win is out there.. Customer service is friendly and helpful. The payouts take a bit longer than I like but they pay.That is the most important thing.
This is my go to place to play.
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  • Friendly customer service.
  • No slow spinning reels like other rtg casinos
  • No studdering reels like other rtg casinos
  • The only negative i see,If you win here you will not be eligible to receive bonuses or comp points
13 hours ago
I like this casino very much it has a very large selection of games most of my favorite and its so comfortable what makes this casino more comfortable also is that its support team is very fast when I had problem connected with withdrawals they did everything to help hope it will be good casino for you also
13 hours ago
After many losses of money without any return I ask them to close my account I get a message that my account is closed but it is still working.
I keep sending them messages again but nothing happens!
Stay away from this casino!
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14 hours ago
I've been played this site for 5 years++, It's safe and trustworthy
  • Fast deposit and Withdrawal (less than 5 mins)
  • Great bonus and cash back
  • Crashed sometimes
15 hours ago
Hi, I am a Casino and betting fan and I have tried a lot since I started I found 4rabet not so long ago. While searching for a new casino and betting platform to try my luck and bet on during the IPL 24 and I already see how good it is in comparison with other website I sed to bet on. I like the amount of withdrawal options. It is something what will influence your excitement. When the delay is happening to me. I get mad. Bonuses on casino are extra cool here as well the wager multiply is less and I dont worry about it anymore. Also the guy who are working as a support team make me very satisfied. I receive an answer to my question almost during a couple of hour and they are very polite.
I cant say I adore the verification process. I know betting platform where its easier to verify your account. But for now I dont get irritable . It is the price you pay to enjoy after and also the interface could be a bit less chaotic. They should work on UX or UI design for sure.
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  • withdrawal is quick and versatile
  • bonuses are cool and less wager
  • tech guy help me a lot and they are fast
  • verification take time
  • interface could be less chaotic
15 hours agoOriginalTranslation
The registration is very fast, the deposit too, a large selection of games. Why the bad rating, as my predecessor already wrote that there are no bad things in the casino, only the RTP, I can say that it is really low, so I will play these free spins that I got from for the first deposit, but after that it is very difficult for me to stay here, because playing with a bonus and a low RTP is very difficult. Try to play and you will judge for yourself
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  • A very transparent gaming site
  • Quick deposit
  • Tons of game providers
  • The RTP is really low
Automatic translation:
16 hours ago
Was sent an email to play at this casino, advertise themselves as non-gamstop rpn welcome and so on. Seen had a positive score of safety on here so decided to give it a try. Deposited stupidly over two days one after the other, and games are definitely manipulated. I have read a mix of reviews for this casino, one stated there account was closed due to an alleged gambling addiction with a withdrawal yet if you are not winning they let you deposit constantly one after the other and actually email you if a payment didn’t go through to ask you if you need help depositing! Finally I had enough and emailed them a long email asking for the account to be permanently closed and how they should be more responsible with how they advertise and how it can be bad for people with problems and received a generic email saying your account is closed no support or empathy as they do not care if your not depositing.
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16 hours ago
Havnt played here for long but although wins not high the couple of small withdrawals I have made have been accepted within 24 hours without verification up to now so I can assume verification will be requested if I have a higher withdrawal. Good easy to access record of deposits and withdrawals so you can easily see how much you have spent compared to how much you have withdrawn with is a good reality check . Generally a good site up to now and of course a good regulator .
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  • Quick withdrawal process
  • Easy to set deposit limits
  • Not many bonuses
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Online casino reviews by experts and casino players

On this page, you can find an overview of the top-rated online casinos according to our own dedicated casino review team, as well as according to members of our community, who have the option to submit their casino reviews and ratings here on Casino Guru.

At the top, you will see a section with the best online casinos according to us, evaluated predominantly based on the Safety Index, which reflects the casinos' fairness and safety, as well as other criteria.

Underneath, you will see a section with casinos ranked on their User feedback, which is a score we calculate based on reviews and ratings submitted by members of our community. Underneath, you can browse all user reviews submitted on Casino Guru and learn more about any casino in our database.

Alternatively, keep reading below to learn how we review and rate online casinos, as well as how we collect and treat reviews submitted by other players.

Table of contents

Online casinos reviewed and rated by Casino Guru experts

We review and rate all online casinos that we discover on the internet, regardless of whether they like our review or not. Thanks to this, you will find a review of virtually all casino sites on Casino Guru, helping you discover important information about any casino before playing.

We focus predominantly on the casino's safety and reliability, so that we can help you choose top online casinos that will pay out your winnings without any issues and will not try to take advantage of you in unfair ways.

Clicking the 'Read Review' button will take you to the casino's detailed review, in which you can learn everything you need to know to decide whether you should play there or look for a better online casino. In the detailed review you will find:

  • The casino's Safety Index calculated based on our review
  • The casino's pros and cons, as well as some interesting facts about it
  • The casino's bonuses
  • Supported languages
  • Available games
  • Supported payment methods
  • The casino's user reviews by members of the community
  • Detailed explanation of the casino's Safety Index
  • Forum discussion about the casino
  • Information about other casinos related to the one you are viewing

Independent casino review and rating team

Our casino reviews are conducted by an independent casino review team with more than 15 members, whose sole responsibility is collecting information about all casinos on the internet and evaluating them based on the collected data.

Thanks to this, our reviews of online casinos can remain impartial and provide great informational value, as our casino reviewers can focus solely on creating reliable reviews and nothing else.

Objective casino review methodology

The casino review team follows a data-driven methodology, according to which they gather the available information about each casino. The collected data is then used to calculate the casino's Safety Index.

Here is an overview of the factors considered in our casino reviews, which go into calculation of the Safety Index:

  • Casino size – The size of a casino, expressed as its revenues or its number of players, is one of the most important factors. The quality of many big casinos with big revenues has been proven by time and a large number of players. Additionally, their large revenues enable them to pay out big wins without any issues, while smaller sites can struggle because of their worse financial situation.
  • Complaints submitted by players – Players often complain publicly about online casinos that treat them in an unfair way or try to scam them. We take these complaints into account, deducting points from the casino's Safety Index for each justified unresolved complaint. Considered complaints include those from our own Complaint Resolution Center, but also complaints collected from other relevant websites.
  • Unfair practices and rules – If we find that a casino has fundamentally unfair rules in their Terms and Conditions or treats players unfairly, we deduct points from its Safety Index. If there are any, the casino's unfair clauses and practices are listed in its detailed review, specifically in the 'Safety Index explained' part.
  • Positive qualities – In relatively rare cases, we also add points for some positive qualities, for example for having an established network of brick-and-mortar venues or going above and beyond in terms of resolving player complaints.
  • Related casinos – Other casinos that have a relationship with the casino also influence its review. This influence can be either positive or negative, depending on relevant qualities of the related casinos, and its size depends on the strength of the relationship between casinos.

Note: You can read more about our casino review process in a dedicated article on how we review online casinos.

User feedback and reviews submitted by players

Unlike our expert reviews, the ones submitted by players come in many shapes and sizes. While there is only one Casino Guru review and rating for each casino in our database, some casinos have hundreds of user reviews that range from terrible to amazing.

When reviewing a casino, users can submit a rating on a five-point scale from Very negative to Very positive, which is very similar to a classic scale from one to five stars.

To make things easier, we calculate an overall User feedback score that ranges from Terrible to Excellent. This should get you an overview of the casino's qualities – as expressed by other player – and make it easier to compare the User feedback of two casinos. However, to get the full picture, we recommend reading the reviews and seeing what players like and dislike.

Note: We only calculate the User feedback score that have received at least 15 reviews from players. We have decided to do this, because we believe that a smaller number of reviews is too low of a sample to base any comprehensive score on, and we wanted to avoid portraying casinos with only a few reviews too positively or negatively.

Things to watch out for when reading user reviews

When reading user reviews and comparing the User feedback score, there are some things you should keep in mind, as they can skew the ratings in a positive or negative direction:

  • Many online casino players submit a negative review when they are angry with the casino, for example when they feel like they should be winning more than they are. There is a high number of negative reviews of many casinos because of this, which push their overall scores down.
  • On the other hand, some casinos consider their User feedback score on Casino Guru important, which is why they try to improve it, for example by asking their players to submit a positive review. We are doing our best to detect this and account for it, but these practices may have a positive effect on the User feedback score of casinos that do it.

As you can see, these two effects generally work in opposite directions, so they may cancel out for some casinos, but they can affect the User feedback score of some, too. That said, with how we collect the reviews and work with them, we believe that our User feedback score will give you a good idea of how players view a specific casino.

Finding the best reviewed casino

When selecting a casino to play at, you can look at our expert reviews or on reviews submitted by players. Or, ideally, you can look at both.

There are casinos that have a high Safety Index calculated based on our review process and a low User feedback score, and vice versa. This is because our evaluators and casino players generally look at different things when reviewing and rating a casino.

Our reviews

Our casino reviewers focus on fairness and safety. We want to make sure that any casino we recommend will treat players well and create a fair environment for them, without any significant unfair rules or other negative qualities. Fairness and safety are the top priority for us.

User reviews

Players rate and review casinos based on their personal experience, which may have been both positive and negative. As each of us focuses on different aspects, some reviews may be based on whether we have won or lost, whether we have communicated with a nice or unpleasant customer support representative, or many other things.

This is why individual reviews tend to be all over the place, but they can give you a great overview of which positive or negative things players experience at a casino.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to choose a casino with a high Safety Index, which also has good user reviews that praise things you want from an online casino. If you find such casino, it should be a great fit for you.

Note: If you are new to online gambling in general, we recommend you read our article on how to choose an online casino, in which we go over factors you should consider in detail.

Emphasis on responsible and safe gambling

It is extremely important to approach online gambling in a safe and responsible way. To prevent falling victim to gambling addiction, we recommend you read our article on how to gamble safely. Our section about responsible gambling and problem gambling help also contains other helpful articles about gambling addiction and other related topics.

We have already started collecting information about responsible gambling options – such as self-exclusion, betting limits, reality checks, and more – available at individual online casinos. However, because of the vastness of our database, we do not have the data collected for all casino sites. Once we have it, we will include this information in our review of each casino.

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