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Why the gambling world needs a global self-exclusion scheme At Casino Guru, we think that the currently available responsible gambling tools offered by online operators do not create an effective barrier between struggling players and opportunities to gamble online. Here are some reasons why:
Present self-exclusion options can be circumvented

Operator-level and nation-wide self-exclusion do not create an effective barrier that stops problem gamblers from playing. Players can avoid them by gambling at other sites, or even opting for unlicensed operators and ending up playing at objectively worse gambling websites.

Regulators and operators do not work together on a global level

National schemes do not work together on a global level or let foreign operators take part. Even if they wanted to, the rigid rules individual entities have to follow do not allow them to team up to better protect players.

Our vision

Here is what we envision the future of the gambling world containing a Global Self-Exclusion System (GSES) could look like.

Easy self-exclusion from all online operators at once

Players have the option to self-exclude from all online operators in a simple and quick way, allowing them to stop gambling altogether if they choose to do so.

New player protection standard "enforced" by reputation

Participating in a readily available, global self-exclusion solution is a new industry standard of the protection of vulnerable players. Operators that do not participate suffer a bad reputation.

Strong connection to problem gambling help organizations

Self-exclusion by itself is rarely sufficient to overcome problem gambling habits of players who self-excluded to battle their addiction. That’s why we cooperate with professionals who offer continuous to problem gamblers.

Safeguarded by an independent organization

The global self-exclusion system is governed and looked after an independent organization, to make sure it remains impartial and unaffected by the agenda of any individual party.

Global Self-Exclusion System blue paper
Official technical document describing the proposed technical implementation of the GSES, discovered problematic areas, and their proposed solutions.
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Be part of the solution

We will definitely not be able to achieve all of this alone. We hope to capture the attention of operators, regulators, and other involved parties, and get things moving towards a common goal of reducing the negative effects of gambling on people’s lives.

If you want to get involved and take part in the discussion, or just to learn more about what we want to achieve, please do reach out to us. Let’s make online gambling safer for everyone, together.

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What experts think

Maris Catania Maris
Tools such as self exclusion options are beyond necessary for consumers experiencing gambling related harm. With the current borderless online gambling, gambling marketing presence, and high chances of relapse for people who are refraining from gambling due to harm, such tools need to be optimal and ensure protection. Therefore, schemes such as global self exclusion regimes are not only welcome, but a necessity.
Dwight Ramenaden Dwight
Self Exclusion is the bedrock of an effective RG program and one of the most critical steps for those that are dealing with problems with gambling. Expanding National Self exclusion to a global self-exclusion program is an industry-changing initiative that will have a lasting positive impact in preventing those struggling with control from finding alternative means to relapse online
Kevin O'Neill Kevin
Any additional hurdle we can place between problem gamblers and access to gambling products is going to be something that will find our wholehearted support. The Global Self-Exclusion initiative is certainly an ambitious project which deserves the buy-in of all stakeholders. Understandably there will be a raft of challenges and I’m not simply referring to technical and logistical ones but possibly political and financial ones yet such an initiative would level the playing field for all operators globally wherever their licensing jurisdiction and will significantly raise the bar for player protection standards. Only then can we hope to contemplate a sustainable industry.
Jack Symons Jack
Boundaries are becoming increasingly invisible to players online. The level of expected due diligence from a player is unlikely to be extensive. Therefore people will gamble on platforms that offer the best bonus and immediate access to the games they most want to play. Bringing self exclusion together at a global level makes complete sense in terms of player protection. The Global Self-Exclusion Initiative is an ambitious project but an important one.
Gustaf Hoffstedt Gustaf
Self-exclusion systems are among the strongest RG tools we have. We advocated for a national self-exclusion systems years before the government and the parliament in Sweden paid interest. One challenge that we anticipated, and that turned out to be true, is that it is impossible to protect problem gamblers that gamble outside the national licensing system, since only operators that have a license in the particular jurisdiction is connected to the self-exclusion system. I don’t believe a global self-exclusion system will replace the national one, but I do believe it may add an extra layer of protection.
Maarten-Haijer Maarten
Self exclusion is an important tool that should be available to consumers when they play. Unfortunately, for example in Europe there are many countries that do not have a national exclusion register yet, partly also because the law doesn't foresee it (yet). A global exclusion register would have a wide coverage, but I can also see many legal and practical challenges in setting it up, But i'm keen to hear of the progress you are making in addressing those.
Svetlana Nikolova Svetlana
Many problem gamblers without the accessibility to national self-exclusion scheme would use any option of such kind if existed. This makes your initiative important and potentially very useful.
Clive Hawkswood Clive
Most national self-exclusion schemes, sometimes in collaboration with blocking software, do a great job and are a huge help to those who feel the need to stop gambling. However, for those who struggle to control their gambling, the urge may again become too great and they will seek out operators in other jurisdictions in order to circumvent those national controls. It follows that, ideally, there should be a global solution which prevents them doing that. The legal and technical challenges are not to be underestimated, but it is the logical endgame
Marlene Warner Marlene
We need to make self-exclusion easier for the people that are trying to protect and regulate themselves. is taking on a global scale project that when successful, will dramatically change the lives of people that want to minimize harm caused from gambling and gaming. This is a bold and needed move.
Initiatives that raise the standards, whether locally, European- or global-wide, are always well perceived, whether we talk about sports integrity or responsible advertising, prevention of addiction or the combat of illegal gambling
Spielen ohne Sucht Spielen ohne Sucht
We welcome these efforts to protect vulnerable players and find initiative's concern important. Especially in online gambling, it is important to create structures that protect vulnerable people. When the final product is ready and we see a benefit in it, we'll gladly link it to our website. We're also interested in the evaluation of anonymous data the Global Self-exclusion Initiative.
BetBlocker Duncan
There are clear and self-evident gaps in the protections offered by National Self-Exclusion schemes. Though some of the regulators responsible for these schemes would at times prefer not to acknowledge the black market, as long as a black market exists outside of the regulatory system the protections offered by National Self-Exclusion schemes will always be significantly undermined. To address this issue requires either a viable strategy to close the black market or a global approach to self-exclusion. It is encouraging to see groups within the industry starting to move in this direction.
William J. Pascrell III William J. Pascrell, III Esq. (BP3)
The global gaming industry has experienced significant progress, growth, innovation and expansion into new markets. It has also seen an uptick in problem gambling. The introduction of global self-exclusion is critical to creating a comprehensive approach to minimizing the harms caused by problem gambling. It will help consumers and create an effective tool for Regualtors and Operators to help create a more sustainable gaming market.


March 2021
Launch of the Initiative
Casino Guru has launched the initiative aimed at creating a global self-exclusion system to increase player protection worldwide. Current self-exclusion methods are not sufficient, and it is the goal of this endeavor to make online gambling safer.
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Rest of 2021
Increasing awareness and collecting feedback from industry professionals
Thanks to the work done in 2021 and collected feedback, we have been able to describe the proposed technical implementation of the GSES in a blue paper document, which will be shared with industry members on ICE London 2022.
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1st half of 2022
Looking for partners and opening detailed discussions
After collecting the initial feedback, we plan to continue by teaming up with subjects that are in favor of the initiative and willing to participate in creating a solution in the form of a working global self-exclusion system.
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2nd half of 2022
Closer cooperation with partners, working towards a specific solution
We hope that, with the help of partners we get on board in the previous steps, the initiative will grow to a level that will enable the creation of an applicable and functional solution to the issue of lackluster self-exclusion tools available to players.
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2023 onward
Focus on self-exclusion best practice and recommendation of standards
While working on specific solutions for the GSES, we realized that online gambling lacks unified standards for self-exclusion. This creates a significant gap in terms of the effectiveness of self-exclusion within the industry, and within the global system as a whole. To address this issue, the next 18 months will see the Initiative focus on a collaborative project involving research and key stakeholders.


Progress Report #8: Advances in Self-Exclusion Standards & Other Activities
Progress Report #8: Advances in Self-Exclusion Standards & Other ActivitiesRead about recent progress in Self-Exclusion Standards in collaboration with City, University of London, as well as other parts of the Initiative.05 Sep 2023
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Taking a Step Towards Global Self-Exclusion Standards: The Journey Begins
Taking a Step Towards Global Self-Exclusion Standards: The Journey BeginsCasino Guru gets closer to global self-exclusion standards by engaging City, University of London. Learn more about the process and its phases.19 Apr 2023
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Progress Report #7: Strengthening Relationships with Partners & Progress in Projects
Progress Report #7: Strengthening Relationships with Partners & Progress in ProjectsRead about the Initiative's advances in recent months, partner relationships, and progress with GSEAT and international self-exclusion standards.22 Aug 2022
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Progress Report #6: Blue paper release on ICE London and operators RG data
Progress Report #6: Blue paper release on ICE London and operators RG dataRead about the Initiative's progress in early 2022, the upcoming blue paper release, and data we collected about operators' RG tools.16 Mar 2022
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