Self-Exclusion Assistance Tool

Do you wish to stop gambling online? Our self-exclusion assistance tool will help you exclude from all your online gambling accounts.

3 steps to self-exclude from all your gambling accounts

1. Find gambling operators at which you have previously opened an account.

2. Add them to your list of gambling websites from which you wish to self-exclude.

3. Use the provided instructions to self-exclude from each gambling website.

This website and tool is not related to any specific casino. The Self-Exclusion Assistance Tool was created to help potentially struggling players limit their access to gambling and further gambling harm. We do not store any personal data entered here.

Overview of current self-exclusion options

Self-exclusion is a responsible gambling tool that allows players to block themselves from gambling-related activities for a certain period of time.

Currently, almost all operators operate under a license that defines the rules and scope of self-exclusion. Moreover, virtually all operators offer some sort of self-exclusion to their players, whose scope is highly dependent on regulatory requirements and decisions of individual operators.

There are currently two basic levels of self-exclusion:

  1. Single-operator level: Typically, when self-excluding in an online casino, the self-exclusion does not extend to other operators. This creates a problem: self-excluded players can freely access and play at other casino websites, bringing the overall effectiveness of such self-exclusion schemes into question. The Global Self-Exclusion System (GSES) was created to offer a solution that eliminates this problem.
  2. Nationwide/license-wide level: Some countries and online gambling regulators, such as the UK, Sweden, or the Netherlands, operate wider self-exclusion schemes, which require their licensees (operators) to be part of nationwide (license-wide) self-exclusion schemes. These allow players to self-exclude from all casinos licensed in a specific country or by a specific regulator at once, creating a better level of protection.

As of this moment, a player struggling with problem gambling symptoms cannot self-exclude on a global scale. This means that although the player self-excludes on one of the above-mentioned levels, there are still many ways in which players can bypass these self-imposed measures.

However, in order to reach somewhat of a global protection, you can use one of the blocking apps, such as GamBan or BetBlocker, to block access to online gambling sites and apps on your devices.