How to submit a complaint to a regulator

You might be wondering what to do in case you are ever treated unfairly by a casino. In case that happens, you have several choices: contact the customer service of the casino, approach a mediation service, or submit a complaint directly to the regulator.

In this guide, our experts have given detailed instructions as to how and when to submit a complaint to a regulator. Learn what options you have after being wronged by a casino and what those options entail and which one might be the best to resolve the issue in question.

Additionally, in case you decide to write a complaint to the regulator, read on to find out how to write and submit it properly to increase your chances of achieving a successful and fair resolution.

When to write a complaint to a regulator?

If a player experiences problems when playing at an online casino, the most logical first step is to approach the casino themselves and submit a complaint to them via the process outlined on the casino website (usually in the T&Cs).

The casino should then investigate the situation internally and reach a decision within a specified timeframe. However, if the player disagrees with the decision of the casino, what options are available to them?

Casinos sometimes list an alternate dispute resolution (ADR) service on their website. An ADR service is a company appointed to independently mediate disputes that cannot be resolved directly with the casino. There are some caveats to this though – some ADRs will only help with certain types of complaints, and although most will do so free of charge, there are those that require payment for their services.

Another option is to contact a third-party complaint mediation service, such as the Casino Guru Complaints Resolution Center. This service is completely free, and our dedicated resolvers will do their best to help players that have been mistreated by casinos and try to make things right.

If all these options fail, the very last resort for a player is to submit a complaint to the casino's licensing authority. This can be a very lengthy process, sometimes taking 3 months or more before the authority takes action, thus, should only be attempted if all other avenues have been exhausted.

How to submit a complaint to a licensing authority

The first thing to do is to check if the casino has a valid license. You can always find this information in our reviews if you are not sure.

If the casino is licensed by a recognized authority, there will normally be a way to contact them and register a dispute with them.

Casinos must adhere to many rules and procedures in order to obtain and keep their license, so if they are being investigated by the authority due to a complaint, they tend to pay attention.

Note: If a player has gone through the casino's internal complaint process, but a mutual agreement/outcome has not been reached, the complaint may then be referred to as a "dispute".

Each regulator's complaint process is different, so it is important to be sure that you read the instructions regarding the submission process carefully, or you risk being ignored. That being said, there are a few factors to consider that are relevant to all licensing authorities.

Note: If you want to learn more about a specific licensing authority, we have covered them in this guide.

Complaint submission checklist

The following list describes all the factors you should consider when submitting a complaint to a licensing authority, and which information to include to ensure that your case is reviewed swiftly and effectively.

  • Contact the right people – It is vital to be sure you are contacting the correct authority – this might sound obvious, but some jurisdictions have multiple regulators and if you contact the wrong one, they will disregard your complaint without a second thought.
  • Address the complaint centre – Most regulators have a dedicated department for dealing with complaints, so if you submit your complaint to a general point of contact instead of the specific one, your complaint may take longer to be reviewed or even get lost. We have several articles about licensing authorities, including how to contact them to raise a dispute.
  • Complete the casino's internal process first – Most, if not all regulators will not entertain a complaint submission if the player has not first been through the casino's internal complaint process, and proof of this will be required, so be sure to save any relevant communication from the casino.
  • Mind your language – Some regulators are country specific, so of course it is acceptable to use the local language. However, there are some regulators that mediate complaints from international casinos, and they may stipulate that they will only review cases received in a specified language.
  • Provide full personal details – Make sure that you include your full name, address, country of residence and date of birth when registering your complaint. Some regulators may require identification as part of the process, so be sure you have any relevant documents ready when requested.
  • Casino details –You will of course need to provide details of the casino in question, such as the name of the casino, your account username, and the email used to register the account at the very least. If you can find the license number of the casino or if they provided you with a case number, include this information as well.
  • Detailed description of the issue – Describe the issue you have experienced with the casino in as much detail as possible. Try to use exact dates and times and include any disputed sums. You should also be sure to attach any relevant evidence that supports your case, such as screenshots and any emails, chat transcripts, or other correspondence with the casino.
  • Await a response – The last point to remember is to keep all communication formal and concise, and once the complaint is submitted you should be prepared to wait a while for a response. Depending on the regulator, the process may take a long time, but it is still worth doing and could make all the difference.
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