How to Use Neteller in Online Casinos

Neteller is a payment method available in almost every online casino. Neteller casinos have grown with each year as the payment method grew from a niche service into a must-have. The e-wallet was established in 1999 and has a long history with gambling. This Neteller guide will help you decide if you want to hop on the train.

The e-wallet has many advantages if you decide to go for it.

  • Casinos with Neteller are plentiful, meaning you will almost always be able to use it to deposit and withdraw.
  • It is a secure payment method that uses SSL encryption to prevent transactions from being tampered with. Players can also enable two-factor authentication, meaning you have to authorize each transaction.
  • Neteller withdrawals are faster than cashing out by bank card or wire transfer. Not only do you benefit from not revealing your card details to the casino, but payouts will be speedier to boot.
  • Using an e-wallet can also help get around the restrictions of some banks on gambling transactions. A Neteller account is beneficial if you do not want your bank to know about your hobby.

Unfortunately, it is not all sunshine and roses. The payment method has some downsides we have to consider too.

  • Neteller is not available in all countries. The service is not supported in more than 50 countries despite wide availability.
  • The service also has a self-interest in keeping you on their platform. That is why the company charges fees when depositing and withdrawing money from your Neteller account.

Neteller Fees

The default fee when depositing into Neteller is 2.5% for all payment methods. However, Neteller fees can vary for some services. For example, depending on the circumstances, Paysafecard costs can be as low as 0% or as high as 5%. We recommend looking into deposit fees personally, so you are constantly updated.

Neteller accepts deposits made with dozens of methods. These are the most popular:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Oxxo
  • Maestro
  • iDeal
  • Paysafecard
  • Boku
  • Local banks (Banco Amazonas, Interbank, Scotiabank, etc.)
  • Eps
  • Euteller
  • Sofort
  • Trustly
  • Giropay
  • Lider
  • Khipu
  • POLi
  • Pix

Withdrawing from Neteller is not nearly as uniform. Cashing out to Visa or Mastercard has varying fees from 0 to 7.5%. Withdrawals to Skrill have a 3.49% fee, and money transfers come with a 2.99% cost. Bank transfers and member wire have fixed fees, at $10 and $12.50, respectively.

Neteller deposit options
Neteller deposit options

Neteller withdrawal options include:

  • Bank transfer
  • Money transfer
  • Member wire
  • Merchant sites
  • Skrill
  • Visa

Neteller fees also apply to buying and selling cryptocurrencies through the company. The costs vary depending on how much you are buying and what type of account you have. Up to $20, fees range from $0.50 to $0.99. From $20 to $99.99, fees vary from $1.50 to $1.99. From $100 onwards, it becomes a percentage of the transaction, ranging from 1.3% to 1.9%.

These are fees to and from your account. Online casinos with Neteller are usually not subject to deposit or withdrawal fees. However, we recommend double-checking with whatever website you pick.

Create a Neteller Account: A Quick Guide

Setting up and using a Neteller account is not complicated. However, it is an essential step if you want to use it to play in online casinos. Setting up an account should not take more than a few minutes. Players who plan on using this e-wallet can follow our step-by-step guide laid out below.

  1. All Neteller sign ups start on the official Neteller website. Once on the website, you will see a Join for Free button in the upper right corner. Enter your name, email, country, currency, and password to set up the account.
  2. Click or tap the Register button to create your Neteller account. By registering, you agree to the company’s terms of use and privacy policy.
  3. Having a registered account is just the first step. You will need to add additional information when you initiate your first deposit. That includes your date of birth, postal address, zip code, city of residence, gender, and phone number.
  4. Neteller will then produce a six-digit Secure ID code. You will need this code when initiating transfers, which serves as an extra layer of security. Note down the Secure ID code somewhere, so you do not forget it.
  5. Newly registered users start with an unverified account. Verifying the account unlocks more benefits and features, such as higher limits and applying for a Net+ Mastercard. You can use Neteller unverified, but the limitations are not worth it for anything serious.
  6. Verification will require you to confirm your identity and address. Identity verification requires you to provide proof of who you are. You can do this by taking a picture with the mobile app or uploading webcam photos. Address verification can be done via geolocation sharing or manually uploading an address verification document.
  7. You will receive an onscreen and email confirmation when the verification process completes. This lifts the restrictions on your account and gives you the complete Neteller account experience.

Neteller Account Levels

The Lowdown on Net+ Cards

Net+ Cards are reloadable, prepaid cards supported for online shopping and more than 35 million locations. The card uses the Mastercard network and is tied directly to your Neteller account. Users can use them to cash out funds in any Mastercard-supported ATM. The Net+ Card is only available to residents of authorized European Economic Area (EEA) countries.

Neteller Net+ card
Neteller Net+ card

Verified accounts can press the Get a Physical Card button in the Net+ Card section. A Net+ Card has a $10 annual fee. The card takes up to fifteen business days to arrive. Keep in mind you cannot use Net+ Cards for online or offline gambling activities.

Depositing in a Neteller Casino

Making a deposit in Neteller casinos is remarkably straightforward.

  • Register an online casino account and log in.
  • Navigate to the cashier or banking section and find Neteller on the list of available payment methods.
  • Specify how much you plan to deposit and confirm.

The casino will send you to your Neteller account using a secure gateway. Here, you need to confirm the transfer. If everything goes well, you will see a confirmation. The funds will appear in your casino account instantly.

Sometimes, websites run Neteller casino bonuses. Some promotions are exclusive to Neteller, while several payment methods can claim others, and Neteller is just one of them. How these offers activate varies between online casinos. Some require you to enter a promo code while depositing with Neteller. Others activate it automatically upon detecting a qualifying Neteller casino deposit. Players using Neteller to deposit at online casinos should also be mindful of Neteller bonus restrictions. Specific casino sites will exclude Netller deposits from bonus offers, meaning players won’t be eligible for the offer if they top up their account with Netteler.

Cashing Out in a Neteller Casino

The process for making a Neteller casino withdrawal is similar to deposits. You have to be logged into your account to get started.

  • Open the cashier or banking page, go to withdrawals, and select Neteller as an option.
  • Enter how much you plan to withdraw and confirm.
  • You may have to confirm the transaction with Neteller. If the casino gives you a confirmation for a successful withdrawal, the funds should reach your Neteller account.

Cashing out with this payment method is faster than bank cards or wire transfers. However, you may have to wait depending on how long the casino takes to process the transaction.

Adding and Removing Funds from Your Neteller Account

Players can expect the exact details of all deposits and withdrawals to differ based on the payment method. Each option is a little different due to payment processors handling things differently. However, the core process is identical, so you will not have any issues following the guide.

Once signed into your Neteller account, open the Money section. Then, select the payment method you want to use. You will need to enter the payment method details to add in. For example, bank cards require entering the card number, expiry date, and CVV code to add to your account.

Enter the amount you want to deposit. If your account supports multiple currencies, you will pick the currency you add money to. If depositing with a bank card, Neteller will ask if you plan to use the funds for gambling. Make sure to select yes, or you will not be able to use the funds for Neteller online casino sites, betting, poker tournaments, etc.

Withdrawing money from a Neteller account is a similar process. Go to the Money section of your account and find the payment method you want to use. Then select the Withdraw Now option. Players can withdraw money to bank accounts, Visa, Mastercard, mobile wallets, Skrill, or crypto wallets.

Neteller adding and removing funds
Neteller adding and removing funds

After picking the payment method, enter how much money you plan on withdrawing. How long the payment takes depends on where you are withdrawing. Bank transfers can take between one to five business days. Visa withdrawals can take up to three business days.

Neteller account withdrawals can fail. That usually happens if some of the information listed is not accurate. For example, incorrect account details for bank transfers or mobile wallet withdrawals. Neteller does not charge any fees for processing a returned withdrawal. However, there is no timeframe when funds from the returned withdrawal will become available.

Pros & Cons of Using Neteller at Online Casinos

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