Casino Guru's Codex of Fair Gambling

When reviewing online casinos and dealing with player complaints, we have witnessed many cases of players being treated unfairly by casinos. However, we have also seen players attempting to misuse online gambling offerings for their own benefit in ways that are not in line with what we consider to be fair.

We believe that online gambling should be safe for both parties involved and that a state in which nobody is taken advantage of can be achieved.

Based on the number of player complaints we deal with every day, it's fair to say that the reality is far from this 'optimum state', but it's moving in the right direction.

We have decided to help the cause by creating our fair gambling codex. It contains the responsibilities of players and casinos that need to be obeyed by both parties for online gambling to work the way it should, minimizing the number of dissatisfied players and casinos and player complaints.

It is separated into two parts:

  1. Responsibilities of casinos: The first part of our fair gambling codex describes a number of problematic situations that often arise between players and casinos, as well as how casinos should handle them and how they can be avoided in the first place. This is where we define our requirements for 'fair casinos' and 'fair and safe casinos'.
  2. Responsibilities of players: This part contains our advice for players, which, if followed, will minimize the risk of them being taken advantage of by casinos. If you only play in 'fair' or 'fair and safe' online casinos and follow this advice, you should be safe as a player.

Note: Click the links above to read the part that you are interested in. The first part is meant mostly for casinos and is very detailed, but players can read it too of course. If you want our point of view on common problematic situations that often result in player complaints, this is where you will find it. If you are a player who wants to gamble safely, we advise you to at least read the second part.

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