15 full-time reviewers

Not your average casino reviews

For us to be able to recommend honest casinos to our visitors, we need to know everything about them.

That's why we've created a team of 15 full-time casino reviewers that work solely on gathering all the available information about online casinos and evaluating them accordingly.


Focus on hard data and statistics

Methodologies, Algorithms & Formulas

We are a team of programmers, mathematicians and other professionals with a technical background. And we are obsessed with data, maths, statistics and spreading the most precise game knowledge.


Pushing fair and safe play

Trying to change online gambling for the better

Just making Casino Guru a fair and safe place is not enough. That's why are persuading other companies and websites to behave in accordance with our fair gambling codex.

If we see players being treated unfairly or exploited by dishonest casinos, we step in and push those casinos to make things better.


Reputation ratings
NOT for sale

Independence and honesty above all

We believe our reviews need to be independent if we are to help everybody who comes to our site to choose the best online casino for themselves.

That's why they are not influenced by anything other than the best judgement, knowledge and analytical skills of our casino review team.


Informing instead of promoting

Just the facts

Our goal isn't to encourage people to gamble, but to give our visitors the best possible information. This mindset is present in everything we do, say, write and create.

Casino Guru in numbers



Let's create the best casino reviews Let's create the best bonus database Let's create the best game database Let's create the best educational content Let's create the best community Let's create the best casino database

Our story and history

The story of Casino Guru starts with two software engineers working in online gambling, developing software solutions for online casinos and game providers. We have learned a lot about how online gambling works, right down to the most technical levels, and then we decided to share our knowledge with the world.

So, we've launched Casino Guru.

June 2015 Started working on Casino Guru
May 2016 Launch
November 2016 Major redesign
February 2017 First earning: 0,13 EUR
May 2017 10,000 unique visitors per month
August 2018 100,000 unique visitors per month
November 2018 1,000 reviewed casinos
August 2019 Launched a complex complaint resolution process
March 2020 Launched a multilingual forum and community
August 2020 3,000 reviewed casinos
December 2020 1,000 resolved complaints about casinos
March 2021 Launched Global Self-exclusion Initiative
May 2021 Released Casino Guru Academy
June 2021 Introduced user reviews
February 2022 Casino Guru News launch
April 2022 Global Self-Exclusion System blue paper released
October 2022 Casino Guru Awards launch
January 2023 5,000 casinos reviewed

Our dedicated team

We are engineers, mathematicians, copywriters, programmers or online casino experts. And we work daily to bring you the best casino-related data on the internet.

Teoslav Holubek
Rusty Alemao
Head of Product
Luky Balaz
Head of Development
Joseph Gajdos
Head of Operations
Matej Novota
Head of Data & Complaints
Juraj Kadsson
Head of Finance
Jozef Krucay
Deputy Head of Data & Complaints
Joe Zimmerman
Testing Lead
Daniel Dolejsi
Social Media & Community Lead
Maros Gasparik
Head of Content
Peter Jesko
Strategy Lead
Rasta Horak
Translations Lead
David Marecek
UX Lead
Andrej Masaryk
SEO Lead
Peter Matúška
Casino Data Team Lead & Complaint Specialist
Petronela Kontos
Complaints Team Lead
Maria Dulova
Data Analyst Team Lead
Daniela Kianicova
Public & External Relations Lead
Simon Vincze
Sustainable & Safer Gambling Lead
Ivona Kulichova
Casino & Affiliate Communication Lead
Lubomir Cole
Project Manager
Mirka Slovakova
Project Manager for Content
Kristina Stark
Deputy Complaints Team Lead & Quality Specialist
Andrej Pauls
Deputy Casino Data Team Lead Complaint Specialist
Barbara Basko
Operations Support
Nick Bacon
Casino Analyst & Complaint Specialist
Tomas Biscuit
Casino Analyst & Complaint Specialist
Stefan Manson
Casino Analyst & Complaint Specialist
Tomas Kay
Casino Analyst & Complaint Specialist
Natalia Burlutskaia
Casino Analyst & Complaint Specialist
Branislav Bright
Casino Analyst & Complaint Specialist
Pavel Kaczynski
Casino Analyst & Complaint Specialist
Peter Cole
Casino Analyst & Complaint Specialist
Veronika Lash
Casino Analyst & Complaint Specialist
Michal Knight
Casino Analyst & Complaint Specialist
Martin Donly
Casino Quality & Complaint Specialist
Adam Maclean
Casino Quality & Complaint Specialist
Satrio Yearwood
Casino Quality Specialist
Maria Smith
Casino Analyst
Burak Onder
Casino Analyst
Maria Powel
Casino Analyst
Zuzana Rainer
Casino Analyst
Zuzana Safran
Casino Analyst
Endri Kaleshi
Casino Analyst
Zuzana Clarksdottir
Casino Analyst
Michaela Skalla
Casino Analyst
Martin Pecka
Casino Analyst
Volha Tsiarkova
Casino Analyst
Jannete Hills
Casino Analyst
Maros Culmore
Data Analyst
Jana Valo
Casino & Affiliate Communication Specialist
Nada Pallson
Casino & Affiliate Communication Specialist
Patrik Kumpee
Casino & Affiliate Communication Specialist
Peter Bernhauser
Viktor Muller
Teodor Molina
Martin Macrillo
Michal Janota
Full-Stack Developer
Roman Burton
Frontend Developer
Samuel Kulty
Frontend Developer
Matej Koloman
Frontend Developer
Juraj Torok
Casino Games Specialist
Jon Pill
Game Analyst
Roman Guttmann
Tester & Casino Games Specialist
Liam Hoofe
Game Analyst
Andrej Kozab
SEO Specialist
Paul Hansen
SEO Specialist
Matus Mlej
UI/UX Designer
Branislav Radostny
UI/UX Designer
Marek Bartos
UI/UX Designer
Rebeka Mlynova
Denis Necas
Content Administrator
Alexandra Benicka
Content Specialist
Denisa Vydumova
Content Writer
Jakub Gustav
PR Specialist
Sona Brezowska
Communication Specialist
Radka Atomic
Social Media & Community Specialist
Alex Baluch
News Writer
James Bill
News Writer

External authors and specialists

For some topics, we search for assistance from experts in various fields that help us make sure our content is factual and as good as possible.

Frequently asked questions for casinos

How is the reputation rating calculated?

Our formula used for rating calculation is quite complex and includes many relevant factors, with the two most important being each casino’s size and justified player complaints that we discover during the review process. We consider these in proportion to each other, as it’s natural that bigger casinos tend to have more complaints because of the higher number of players, and this is how we get the basis for our reputation rating.

But that’s not all. We also check other factors, mostly focusing on things we consider problematic, such as unfair clauses in Terms and Conditions and many others. Check out our fair gambling codex to get to know our opinion about what casinos should and shouldn’t do.

How can we get a better reputation rating from you? Can we buy it?

Our reputation ratings are a result of a complex review process which considers tens of factors and, very importantly, they are not for sale. We are not willing to jeopardize our own reputation and our independent ratings by accepting money from any casino.

You can, however, influence the rating by treating players well and removing any unfair clauses from your Terms and Conditions. Growing in size can help too, as the size of each casino is one of the factors included in our reputation rating calculation.

If you are not sure why we’ve rated your casino badly, feel free to ask us for an explanation. We are ready to give you the reasoning behind our rating, which can help you figure out how to get a better rating and also become a better online casino during the process.

How can we get a better position in your casino list? Can we buy it?

The positions of individual casinos in our lists of casinos are based on a number of factors, with the most important being each casino’s reputation rating, our visitors’ countries of residence and their language preferences.

You can’t just buy a better position. We are never willing to give a bad casino a better position, placing it higher than another casino, which we consider to be a better fit for players from a certain country.

However, the situation is a bit different at the top of the list, especially in countries with multiple great casinos, which we consider to be on the same level. If we are indifferent about which casino gets displayed on a higher position, we are willing to give a better position to the casino that offers us better affiliate conditions.

We don’t like your review of our online casino. Can you change or delete it?

We don’t change nor delete our ratings just because the casinos don’t like them. Our aim is not to serve casinos. We want to serve players and help them choose good online casinos.

If you are not sure about why your casino got a bad rating for us, feel free to contact us. We will explain it to you. Also, contact us if you find any incorrect information in our review. Let us know and we will check it out and correct it if the information actually is incorrect.

Why can’t we see our brand on your website?

We have more than 2000 casinos in our database. These are sorted differently for each user, depending on their country and language preferences. If you can’t see your casino in our list of casinos, try searching for it using the search button in the upper right corner.

If this doesn’t help, it’s likely that your online casino is not in our database yet. Contact us and we’ll guide you through the process of adding it to our website.

Do you use e-mail marketing?

We only send e-mails to visitors who have subscribed to our newsletter, based on the types of updates they've chosen to receive from us.

We have a new bonus promotion for this month. Can you add it to your website?

We don’t promote short-term temporary bonuses on our website, because keeping them up-to-date would be an incredibly difficult task to do, with the number of casinos we have in our database. We will happily add your long-term bonuses, though.

Frequently asked questions for players

What does the reputation rating mean?

The main idea about our casino reputation rating is to rate how casinos treated players in the past (based on player complaints) and whether they paid out legitimate winnings to them. We also consider the size of each casino and find out whether they do anything which we consider to be unfair towards players, such as having unfair clauses in Terms and Conditions.

All of this helps us recommend casinos which treat players fairly and pay out winnings to them.

The size of each casino is a very important factor. Small casinos have the rating capped, because we are not sure about their to pay out very big wins. For example, a win of $200,000 that doesn’t come from a progressive jackpot might be a problem for some small casinos. That’s why only very big casinos with a small number of justified complaints can get a perfect rating (9+ out of 10) from us. That being said, all casinos with a rating higher than 8 can be considered safe to play at, with a chance of not getting paid out after a legitimate win being very close to zero.

Why are some casinos with a very good reputation listed higher than casinos with a perfect reputation?

Our reputation rating is mostly about the probability of players getting their winnings paid out. It doesn’t tell much about other things, such user experience or game selection, which are undoubtedly also very important.

Because we consider all casinos with a perfect or very good reputation rating to be fair and very unlikely to withhold legitimate winnings, we also use other criteria to sort the individual casinos in our lists, not just the reputation rating.

What do the Fresh, Struggling and Zombie ratings mean?

When reviewing some online casinos, we have discovered that there are special cases for which our regular reputation rating is not sufficient or doesn’t tell the entire story. That’s why we created these ratings.

Fresh casinos are new to the market, which is why it’s difficult to judge how they treat their players. They usually have no or very little complaints, because they haven’t been around for long enough for players to have bad experience and complain. That’s why we use the “Fresh” rating for them. Casinos have this rating until we are more certain about their size and the way they treat players.

Struggling casinos have been around for quite some time, but they haven’t managed to get big over the years. These usually don’t have a lot of complaints, but their number of players and revenues are relatively small. Struggling casinos are not necessarily bad, but there might be issues if you manage to win really big, because of their smaller revenues.

Zombie casinos are a completely different story. We noticed that some casinos seem to be “dead” from the outside perspective. They don’t respond to e-mails or any other forms of communication, and we just can’t get in touch with them. Once we started noticing these more and more, we decided to create a separate category for them, and the term “zombie casinos” was born. We think it will be very difficult or even impossible to withdraw any winnings from these sites, so stay away from them.

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