How to use Trustly in online casinos

Trustly is a leading payment method that is accepted at many online casinos worldwide. The banking solution is available in 29 territories across the globe with more than 6,000 banks supporting it.

Trustly was launched in 2008 and today plays a crucial role in online gambling specifically. It is becoming a popular payment method for casino deposits and withdrawals, with a growing selection of Trustly casinos available. This detailed Trustly guide provides all the information you need to decide whether Trustly is the right choice for you.

Pros and cons of Trustly

Trustly comes with many advantages. Here's some of what awaits if you choose this payment method.

  • Online casino players using Trustly can make instant deposits, meaning they can enjoy their games without ado.
  • Neither Trustly nor online casinos supporting the e-wallet charge fees on transactions made using this payment method. Since clients don't require any type of account, there are also no maintenance fees. There are no hidden charges, and all eventual costs will be listed in the transaction.
  • No registration is required. It also means that players don't have to reveal their personal information or financial details to the casino.
  • Trustly is widely present across Europe, which is no surprise as the continent is its home market. The banking method primarily focuses on Scandinavia and other major European markets such as the UK.

In addition to the many advantages, Trustly has certain downsides you must consider.

  • Your bank must support Trustly if you want to use this payment method. This limits you to certain banks and may significantly affect your choice.
  • Although Trusty and online casinos charge no fees, it's important to point out that banks can impose additional costs for your transactions. We advise you to check whether your bank charges any fees. Again, keep in mind they don't originate from Trustly.

Trustly fees

Trustly and most online casinos supporting this payment service don't charge any fees on transactions players make using this solution. As Trustly doesn't require having an account, it means there are no maintenance fees, either annual or monthly. You'll be glad to know that the use of Trusty comes with no hidden charge. In case you have to pay anything, the transaction itself will outline all costs.

As mentioned in the previous section of this guide, any eventual fees don't originate from the service itself, but some banks include processing costs for your Trustly transactions. In most cases, banks that apply transfer fees will also charge them for making online deposits. Players should check if their bank charges additional costs before using the Trustly service.

Using Trustly: a quick guide

Setting up and using Trustly is not complicated, especially as the process doesn't involve opening an account. Below you can find our step-by-step guide for using Trustly:

  1. You'll need an account with a bank that supports Trustly. That's the only requirement you have to meet to be able to use the Trustly payment service to feed your online casino account. As long as your bank accepts Trustly, you can make the most of this banking method. All you need is a username and password you use to access your online bank account.
  2. After you have finished setting up a bank account and verifying your credentials, you can use it to make transactions through Trustly. Choose Trustly as your payment method, and you'll get redirected to the service's website, where you'll have to choose your bank. Once you log in using your credentials, you can complete transactions directly through your bank interface.

We have to point out that Trustly acts as a middleman between your bank and the chosen gambling site. That's why you won't reveal any personal information or financial details to the casino. Since you'll be using the bank's interface to log in, all information remains secure.

Depositing in a Trustly casino

It's easy to use Trustly to make deposits at your favorite online casino. By now, you've learned that Trustly doesn't require players to open an account. Provided your bank accepts this payment method, all you need to deposit are your banking credentials.

Here's how depositing with Trustly works:

  1. Go to the cashier page and pick Trustly as your payment method.
  2. A form will appear, allowing you to select your bank.
  3. Fill out the required banking details.
  4. Enter the amount of money you want to deposit.
  5. Confirm your information.

If you've completed all these steps correctly, your deposit will immediately be available in your online casino account. Once again, we remind you that your bank must accept Trustly if you want to use this service for depositing.

Selecting one of supported banks when making a Trustly deposit

Cashing out in a Trustly casino

You can also use Trustly to withdraw funds from your online casino bank account. The process is carried out in the same way as depositing:

  1. Visit the cashier page and click to make a withdrawal.
  2. Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw.
  3. Choose Trustly as your preferred payment method (if this is not done automatically).
  4. You'll be redirected to the Trustly website. Select your bank and enter the necessary details. The entire transaction is completed within your bank's environment.

One of the main advantages of using Trustly for withdrawals is instant processing and higher limits. Depending on your bank, you can get your winnings in a couple of minutes or up to 72 hours. The withdrawal speed depends solely on the time it takes to transfer the money to your bank account (once the casino has processed it).

Trustly Pay N Play

In 2008, Trustly introduced the revolutionary concept called Pay N Play. This service is unique because it offers players the ability to gamble online without a casino account. It allows them to forget the time-consuming verification procedures and focus solely on gambling action.

In addition, Trustly Pay N Play is 100% safe and secure. There's no need to provide any documents, as the platform will complete the verification procedures in the background. All you have to do is log into your bank, make a deposit, and enjoy online casino games in a matter of minutes.

However, this groundbreaking service is currently only available to customers in selected markets. If you're lucky enough to live in a country where Trustly Pay N Play is available, you'll be able to use this service in no time. Getting started is simple. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Visit a Pay N Play online casino.
  2. Type in the amount you wish to deposit.
  3. Complete the transaction via Trustly.
  4. Start enjoying your games while everything else is done in the background.

As you may have noticed, Pay N Play allows players to play at an online casino without registration. You may wonder what goes on with your money. Every time you visit, the system will recognize you, keeping your funds available at any moment. You can cash out whenever you want to continue playing. It's entirely up to you.

Pay N Play quick registration form

Benefits of Pay N Play online casinos

To close off, let's take some time to see the advantages of playing at a Pay N Play casino for those who are lucky enough to have this option.

First of all, Pay N Play casinos are 100% safe. Players don't have to worry about a thing. These gambling sites use the latest technology to protect their customers, keeping their details secure at all times.

Trustly Pay N Play casinos won't bother their players with tedious and time-consuming KYC procedures as it is all connected to your bank account. This means players save time and have the chance to make the most of their playing experience.

When it comes to depositing and withdrawing, users won't have to spend days waiting for their transactions to be completed. With Pay N Play, all transactions are done instantly. Your payments and withdrawals will arrive in a blink of an eye. This feature is one of the main advantages of playing at Pay N Play online casinos.

As we pointed out, Pay N Play is all about convenience. As such, it makes perfect sense that this service is available across all platforms. Since it's mobile-ready, players can use it at leading mobile gambling sites. You can enjoy a wide range of casino games on the go, on any mobile device. Instant deposits and hassle-free withdrawals await at the palm of your hand.

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