How do cashback bonuses work?

A cashback bonus is a percentage rate, usually around 5-25% of total net losses for a given period or from a given game, which is credited back to your account.

Sometimes it’s in the form of real money, but more often it will be in the form of a bonus credit. You will need to rollover the bonus again. In contrast with free spins or deposit bonuses, you will need to rollover it fewer times (max. 10-times). Individual conditions between casinos can, of course, vary. A maximum cashback amount is also often specified.

Cashback Bonus Offers

The cashback amount is usually calculated from your deposit. So, the winnings from no deposit bonuses do not qualify for a cashback. Many casinos also require players to have a balance of either zero or less than $5, for example. So if you deposit $2,000 and lose $1,000, you won’t qualify for a cashback. A cashback bonus can't be combined with any other bonuses. Therefore, when you are clearing your deposit bonus, you do not qualify.

We will explain it all with the following examples. An imaginary casino offers a weekly cashback of 20% with a €50 limit.

Player A - In the last week the player lost €200, therefore 200 x 0,2 = €40 will be returned to the player’s account

Player B lost €400. The player should get a bonus of €80 (400 x 0,2), but because there is a maximum limit set, only €50 will be returned to their account.

Special variants of cashback bonuses

Top up bonus is the exact opposite of a classic cashback bonus. You have won, and in addition, you get a bonus from your net winnings for a given time period, or from a given game. However, the bonus percentage is lower, most often 3-10%.

Top Up Cashback Bonus

Even rarer is the bonus on total bets. In this case, you get a fixed percentage from your total bets in a game. It doesn’t matter if you won or lost. With this bonus, you can get decent sums, as wins and losses aren’t netted. If you can find a bonus on total bets through short term promotions on a certain game, do use it.

The same recommendation goes for any type of cashback bonus, since it is always a net gain for you. Cashback bonuses lower the casino’s advantage - that’s why it is an important factor in finding the ideal casino for you.

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