How to Play Double Double Bonus Poker

As the name of this Video Poker game suggests, Double Double Bonus is just like Double Bonus, offering an extra payout for different four of a kind combinations, but with little something extra. The game features various payouts for 5 different four of a kind combinations, compared to 3 different four of a kind combinations in Double Bonus.

This difference makes the strategy somewhat more complex, and increases the variance to 42.2, which is the highest among all the traditional Video Poker games. This increased variance translates into a requirement for around 40% bigger bankroll than you would need when playing Jacks or Better.

Full Pay Double Double Bonus
Full pay Double Double Bonus Poker paytable

The theoretical return of the full pay version is 100.07%, however, it is not available online, and these days you’ll find it’s also becoming rarer in land based casinos.

The most common Double Double Bonus game online is with a reduced payout for a Full House to 9. This decreases the overall theoretical payout to 98.98%. This version of Double Double Bonus Video Poker is available at most RTG and Microgaming casinos. Some of them even offer no deposit bonuses for Video Poker.

Double Double Bonus Poker Paytable
Microgaming Double Double Bonus Poker paytable

Even though the Double Double Bonus game is extremely attractive because of it’s higher payout for 4 aces and selected four of a kind combinations, I do not recommend playing it online, as it offers a very low RTP and the strategy is also more complicated than the one for some of the higher paying Video Poker games listed on this page.

Because of the extremely complicated strategy, we’ve included a very simple basic strategy you can use instead. Follow our recommendations below to get the best value when playing Double Double Bonus online.

Double Double Bonus Poker Strategy

Good place to play Double Double Bonus Poker are Microgaming casinos, which show you which cards to hold according to the optimal strategy. When you are playing at other casinos, use our strategy chart below to get closer to the theoretical payout.

The variance of Double Double Bonus Poker is also very high, so most of your sessions will end up in an overall loss. However, the winning sessions will more than make up for them, especially when playing the full pay version.

Double Double Bonus Basic Strategy

Below, you’ll find a simplified strategy for Double Double Bonus Video Poker.

Free Double Double Bonus Poker

The best way to learn is to play Double Double Bonus Poker free with no download required. This game can be found at most casinos online, albeit lower than the full pay version. Most common versions feature a 98.98% payout, and are available in Microgaming online casinos. Because of the low payout, we recommend players to take a look at other higher paying Video Poker games online.

Free Double Double Bonus Poker Online
Double Double Bonus Poker interface

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