Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild in its full pay version features as high as 100.76% theoretical payout what makes it the highest paying Video Poker game. Unfortunately, it is impossible to find it in its full pay version online and you would also struggle to find it in any land based casinos. Maybe in some of those small local bars in Las Vegas.

Deuces Wild Full Pay Paytable
Paytable of the full pay version of Deuces Wild with 100.76% RTP

The most important thing to realize is that Deuces Wild allows you to have up to 4 wild cards in a hand. The deck includes four deuces that can be substituted for any other card, just like a joker.

In the example below, the wild deuces complete our hand – a flush. That's why stronger hands like flush or straight are much easier to come by, when compared to games like Jacks or Better. This is, of course, compensated by the lowest paying hand being 3 of a kind.

Deuces Wild Flush
What a flush might look like in Deuces Wild

The variance of Deuces Wild at 25.83 is a bit higher than Jacks or Better. Than means that you will need a bigger bankroll (around 10% bigger) to play at the same limit for the same amount of time. The strategy of Deuces Wild is much more complex than the strategy of Jacks or Better.

The most important strategy advice is to NEVER DISCARD A DEUCE. It's kind of obvious, but still important to point out.

Deuces Wild can be found at online casinos in worse paying versions. The most common version the one with an RTP of 98.91%, so there are many better options for playing Video Poker online, including Jacks or Better.

Deuces Wild Online low Pay
Paytable of the version of Deuces Wild with 98.91% RTP

If you are lucky to stumble upon a small bar or a casino with the full pay Deuces Wild, another important thing to remember is to not use double up option. Yes, it is an excellent 50:50 bet with a 100% RTP, but it will decrease your overall RTP, as the full pay Deuces Wild feature a theoretical payout higher than 100%.

Deuces Wild Strategy

The optimal strategy for Deuces Wild is very complex. There are 60 various combinations whose rank you have to learn in order to master it completely. The simple strategy is much less complicated and you will be giving up only around 0.05% of the theoretical payout (in case of full pay Deuces Wild) when playing with the basic strategy.

As full pay Deuces Wild are not available online and the majority of casinos only offer worse paying versions, we are sure the simple strategy should be enough for most players.

Deuces Wild Basic Strategy

The basic strategy is much less complicated that the optimal strategy - over 50% less combination ranks to learn than with the optimal Deuces Wild strategy.

Free Deuces Wild Online

The best way to learn how to play Deuces Wild and practice Deuces Wild is to play free Deuces Wild online no deposit or no registration required. We especially recommend Microgaming casinos, as the software will show you the strategy.

You can also take advantage of free no deposit bonus offers to play free Deuces Wild and even win some real money. However, make sure to check the bonus terms as Video Poker is either excluded or the wagering requirements for this type of games are too high. Also, remember that the double up option is usually excluded from the bonus wagering.

Free Deuces Wild Online
A free play version of Deuces Wild with no download required

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