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Amount: €299

Vegas Rush Casino - Player’s struggling to complete KYC.

Vegas Rush Casino
3.5/10 Bad reputation
Submitted: 23 May 2020 | Unresolved : 24 Jun 2020
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No reaction, passive regulator


Case summary

359 days ago - 24 Jun 2020

The player from Belarus is having difficulties withdrawing his winnings due to an incomplete KYC process, despite the fact, that his account was once verified in the past. We closed the complaint as ‘unresolved’ because the casino failed to reply.

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For four months, the casino has been looking for more and more reasons not to pay. Account is fully verified! Twice! Each time verification took more than a month. These were night calls, selfies, then selfies on the street). Two times a full package of documents. And as a result of 3 months ignore. The last two weeks every day, lying in the chat (wait for withdrawal today tomorrow) and as a result, after almost 5 months I was accused of crossing IP)). I previously had a successful withdrawal and had no problems (except for a month of verification)). After my last appeal and the statement that I would write a complaint, they could not come up with anything better than to blame me. Then there are two questions 1 - how did I do the first withdrawal? (complete verification was completed) 2- why you continued to take my deposits.

Automatic translation

Dear aranii77,

Thank you for submitting your complaint. I’m very sorry to hear about your problem, I can only imagine how frustrating this whole situation must be for you. Please understand that the verification process is a complex one. The casino wants to make sure, that they send the winnings to the rightful owner, and several steps are required to complete this thorough process. It is nothing unusual if it takes a few days even weeks, but 3-5 months is way too much.

Could you please confirm that your account still hasn’t been fully verified? Would you be so kind and forward any relevant communication between you and the casino to kristina.s@casino.guru? (Or, alternatively, you can post it here).

I’m waiting for your reply patiently.

Best regards,



Thank you very much aranii77 for your email. I will now transfer your complaint to my colleague Juli who will be at your assistance. I wish you best of luck and hope to see your problem being resolved to your satisfaction in the near future.


May I kindly ask again the casino for further explanation? This problem seems to be unclear and we would like to request more details. Would it be possible sharing with us a specific reason why the player’s account has been closed? My email address is yuliia.k@guruadmins.com. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


We would like to ask the Vegas Rush Casino to reply to this complaint. We are extending the timer by 7 days. If the casino fails to respond in the set time frame, we will close the complaint as ‘unresolved’.


Dear aranii77,

Unfortunately, we haven’t received any response from the casino regarding the issue, so we cannot continue resolving this complaint and we are forced to close it as ‘unresolved’.

I am very sorry I couldn't help more, but at least closing this complaint as unresolved will negatively impact the casino's rating and other players can read about your experience in our review.

I hope you won't come across a problem like this again.

Best regards,