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Amount: Can$8,500

Royal Panda Casino - Player was blocked after successful verification.

7.2/10 Good reputation Submitted: 28 Aug 2019 | Unresolved : 12.09.2019
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Waiting for decission of regulator


Case summary

170 days ago - 12 Sep 2019
Maude, a Canadian player, was blocked after she verified all the documents the casino asked for. From her perspective, this doesn’t have a sense because she was able to give the casino all the requested documents. The casino is using an unrelated payment on her bank statement as an excuse.

Please read my massage:

I played in Royal Panda as absolutely legitimate player with all verified documents.

I deposited total amount of $3,000 to Royal Panda and after playing slots I won $8,500. Please note that you kindly accepted all my deposits. After that I uploaded all my documents including:
1) My Passport
2) My bank statement 
3) впиши

And you successfully verified ALL of them.  
After that I requested withdrawal of $8,500 and PROBLEMS START TO APPEAR. First of all I was patiently waiting for one week for my withdrawal. After multiple chats with you and discussions by email you were able to give me some answer.

Please note that all this time all required documents are VERIFIED.

After all these time me waiting you had good imagination to ask from me... (Please listen carefully) the explanation of internal transaction from my bank statement which is ABSOLUTELY NOT RELATED to Royal Panda!This is absurd. I explained you via chat, email and also  
I called to Royal Panda many time to explain that this my internal transaction, which is actually made to me from my ex-husband with whom we are in the divorce process...  and you don’t care.  

For me it was incredibly hard to explain my ex-husband to give me his bank statement. I was asking for weeks. After weeks of asking he finally gave me his bank statement showing wire transfer to my account which you for some reason was interested in. I gave it you and you AGAIN successfully verified this statement. Finally I was hoping to receive my money but no..  now my account is blocked for some reason you can’t explain...


Hello Maude.

Thank you very much for submitting your complaint through our website. We will contact the casino and ask them what happened in your case.

Regards, Matej


Hello Maude.

We have an answer from Royal Panda - they kindly ask you to contact their support team again. They refused to share with us the details of your case because of GDPR. In case you need future assistance, they recommend you to contact https://www.ecogra.org/ata/, which is their regulator. I am sorry that we are not able to help you more with this.

Please inform us about any updates regarding your case. We want to close it properly.

Regards, Matej


Good afternoon. Yesterday I received a letter with the content that I sent you as a screen. Their position has not changed, but they persistently do not give a clear answer on what basis they do not want to pay me my winnings. I am ready to fight to the end with the injustice and arbitrariness of this casino, and still I would like you to help me in this.


Hello Maude.


We are very sorry for your troubles. Unfortunately, our ability to help you is very limited in this case.

We tried one more time to convince Royal Panda casino to explain the issue to us, but their position remains the same. They don't want to share any details about your case with us. In this situation we recommend you to contact eCOGRA - https://www.ecogra.org/ata/. Please submit your complaint there again. eCOGRA works as a regulator for Royal Panda, so their decision is binding for the casino.


Regards, Matej