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Amount: 110 mBTC

CryptoThrills Casino - Player’s winnings have been canceled.

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Submitted: 26 Nov 2020 | Unresolved : 18 Dec 2020
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No reaction, passive regulator


Case summary

76 days ago - 18 Dec 2020

The player from the US had his winnings voided after buying in-game features.


Ok here's the situation. The casino payment and withdrawal system is GMT. The game playback is recorded in EST time. it's a 5 hr difference.

My Local time CST

11/23/2020 @6am 580923 Deposit Bitcoin Payment Completed mɃ1.30

So I start playing and it had been awhile since I played at Crypto Thrills. I did not remember the max bet restriction even when playing bonus free. I ended up doing paid for feature on Polar Breeze.

357197844 11/23/2020 Polar Breeze mɃ14.00

Well I played for a little longer and then decided to withdraw what I had left

11/23/2020 6:21 AM 142185 Withdrawal Payment by Bitcoin Reversed (mɃ7.00) 

Which you can see got reversed for exceeding max bet of 1mBit. (Which I believe shouldn't even be an option to bet over that. Feel like a tactic to not have to payout. Most Slots auto load with bets higher than casinos max allowed bet)

11/23/2020 11:16 AM 2631 Admin Correction Completed (mɃ5.73)

I reduced back to initial deposit. Being frustrated I lost that. But the email did remind me and explained the reason

So I tried again. 

11/23/2020 12:36 PM 581085 Deposit Bitcoin Payment Completed mɃ1.14

Lost that as well

Later I saw and Used a no deposit code from email.

11/23/2020 @7pm 1281046 Bonus Free Game Bonus won on 11/23/2020  Lost mɃ59.05

Hit big on that. But with the playthrough requirement. 60x the playthrough requirement was 3543mBit with max bet restriction I played and for good while. Made it through 1800 - 2000 of it. 

Games were playing well for me. But with have only winning on bonus and recent reversal and loses I took a break.

This morning I was like Im gonna try again.

11/24/2020 11:01 AM 581828 Deposit Bitcoin Payment Completed mɃ1.00b

11/24/2020 12:19 PM 142324 Withdrawal Payment by Bitcoin Reversed (mɃ110.00)

I decided not to withdrawal all. And go have fun with the rest. Knowing the restrictions on max bet I was happy with my withdrawal so I went played when getting down to just above 14mbit bought the feature I like to see how it would play out and was comfortable with knowing that reguardless of how anything goes from that point that my only option is to play out the rest of what I had so that is what I did.

358090884 11/24/2020 7:56 AM Polar Breeze mɃ14.00

This bet is well after I requested my withdrawal. So I didn't see how it would have any effect.

I get on check status of withdrawal. I see 

11/24/2020 2:03 PM 2657 Admin Correction Completed (mɃ109.03)

I go to chat and ask why. I get told for exceeding max bet restriction. I responded no I didn't. I went pull up the feature and show that it was after withdrawal request. 

I get back to chat and I was told it was for game 358090844. I pointed out that game was 40 mins after my withdrawal

I was told that she would send it back to reviewed with the information of how the payment and game logs use two different timezones for logging.


17.2 All withdrawal requests will be processed immediately within the weekly limit, pending a brief audit. For security reasons, we reserve the right to take a little longer to process withdrawals.

And this on the about us

Swift Withdrawals

Once you hit a big win at Crypto Thrills, you want to withdraw your money right away. We ensure that you have a swift withdrawal experience with our auto-processing system to speed up the withdrawal experience. The average cashout time at Crypto Thrills is no longer than 10 minutes.

The almost hour later I decided to break the max bet restriction and buy feature my withdrawal should of done moved to processed and awaiting financial review and payut.

Dispute the fact my email confirmation of withdrawal was received at 619@am CST. The finance system log showing withdrawal at 1219pm, my deposit at 1101am. The game used for reversal played at 756am. So not even between the deposit and withdrawal times.

There's clearly timezone differences and won't even consider it. And refuses to fix the reversal.


Dear Matthew,

Thank you very much for submitting your complaint and forwarding all the relevant screenshots. I’m sorry to hear about your problem. I must admit this is a quite complicated case. I reviewed your attachments and checked the T&Cs (https://www.cryptothrills.io/terms-and-conditions), and this is what I found:

" 9.4. The maximum bet amount allowed is 1 mBTC/33 mBCH/147 mLTC. Exceeding this bet amount could result in winnings being forfeited. This includes double up wagers after the game round has been completed, for example, wagering winnings from X game round on red/black. Players are limited to bets that do not exceed 0.86 mBTC/29 mBCH/126 mLTC per round and 0.054 mBTC/1.82 mBCH/7.93 mLTC per line when playing with an active bonus. Any bets that exceed these limits will cause all winnings to be void."

It seems as the in-game features have been recognized as single bets and therefore, your winnings were voided.

Would you be so kind and forward the whole game history, cashier history and any other relevant communication between you and the casino to kristina.s@casino.guru? I am not sure we will be able to help you to resolve this issue, but we will try at least. Thank you in advance for your reply.

Best regards,



Ok on Nov 24 the there's 1076 games played. I did the search from then till now.

If you ask them for game number. The one they stated is 358090884 and yes I did but that feature. It was 40 mins after withdrawal request. Which this screenshot shows support telling me the game number.


The cashier statement shows my deposit was 11/24/2020 11:01 AM. Withdrawal 1219 You can not change the timezone for that.

I'm attaching screenshot of cashier statement.


I've attached the screenshot of both the beginning and end of playback, 2 of each. One of thier standard time zone (which is EST) and goes with the time they said I played.


, and one in GMT (which I believe the bank statement uses)


GMT Game playback 1st game (which is last page of search). When in GMT my 1st game was 1104 which is right after deposit time 1101 on cashier statement.

The game in question is near the bottom of the 1st 50 games listed. To include all pages wood be 21pages.

If using GMT so time of deposit and first game line up deposit 1101 and first game played 1104. Then the game in question 1256 is clearly after withdrawal request of 1219.

The playback timezone can be changed but statement can not.

But pretty sure they will come up with some other made up or altered reason. The other person I have looking into it as well. They no longer using that over wager reason.

"I have spoken to the casino hosts and your gameplay is irregular and that is the reason why it is still under review. As soon as I have feedback from the review team, I will let you know."

That was 2 days ago sent to my email.


Thank you very much Mstingley13 for your reply. I will now transfer your complaint to my colleague Jozef who will be at your assistance. I wish you the best of luck and hope to see your problem being resolved to your satisfaction soon.


Ty. I would like to hope so but with how inconsistent the live support has been and the vip email support has already backed off of the original reason and stated irregularities.

I don't know what is going on but I haven't went back. I Still get promotional emails but nothing more on my winnings.

Thank you for trying to help


Hello Mstingley13.

I absolutely appreciate that you shared your experiences with the Casino Guru team. We will now try to get in touch with the casino.


I appreciate any assistance. I did most of it. In the account statement you can this second reversal for the same reason. The first was my fault for not reviewing the terms since had been awhile since I signed up.

But to think I would do same thing before I submitted what I wanted withdraw just a little over a day later.

I do believe no matter what they will not payout. Cause like I mentioned one of the vip mail Stacey I believe. When I mentioned it to her eventually replied stating irregularities now that I have easily proven thier reason for reversal to be a technical issue.

She wanted log in a go to live and ask for her. I stated Im not logging in or going bach until I receive my winnings. Any else can be done through email.

Thier live chat I'm unable to send the chat to printer. I can copy and paste to a document. At least not in my mobile device. Thier system don't offer to email transcript.

I rather be able to easily maintain a record. Screenshot takes up a lot of space and difficult to provide due to mail box limits


We would like to ask the CryptoThrills Casino to reply to this complaint. We are extending the timer by 7 days. If the casino fails to respond in the set time frame, we will close the complaint as ‘unresolved’.


Since we haven’t received any response from the casino regarding the issue, we are forced to close the complaint as ‘unresolved’.

The casino can reopen this complaint anytime.

Dear Mstingley13.

I am very sorry but since the casino team is unresponsive, we’re not able to proceed with further investigation. Please, be aware that this complaint will affect their reputation on our website. Let me know if you have any questions or require further assistance

Best regards, Jozef