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5 months ago juniorheinrich308
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5 months ago

At first you win up to €300 and then you get mauled. I really have the feeling that there isn't a reputable casino on the internet anymore. Everywhere you will be manipulated and ripped off. You can't even understand what options the operators have and at what time or day nothing is running anymore.

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juniorheinrich308 4 months ago

Need any help I wonder?

I'd say that a well-educated chat operator could help with your questions. Do I take it correctly that this is part of your issue?

1 week ago

We are writing to you regarding your withdrawal request of €3,500.00. Unfortunately we had to reject your withdrawal request due to a breach of our terms and conditions as you placed bets with an active bonus over the limit:

1.11. You may not place bets exceeding the maximum bonus bet when using bonus money. Maximum bonus wagering is 5 EUR (or currency equivalent) per bet/spin or equivalent unless otherwise stated in the specific terms of each bonus promotion. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure you know the maximum bonus wager. In cases where bets exceed the maximum bonus amount, an account may be reviewed and bonus funds confiscated.

Therefore, your withdrawal request was rejected and the winnings made were voided. However, your original deposit has been credited to your balance. You are welcome to submit a new withdrawal request. what can I do?

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fulbolinhio 1 week ago

Hello there,

I'm sorry to say that, but every time you play with a bonus, you should keep all associated rules in mind, so this would never happen.

Though you should be aware of the max bet rule, the point is whether you gained an unfair advantage over the casino by placing higher-than-allowed bet/s.

For that, it would be best if you could submit a complaint because we would need to acquire your gaming history from the casino. In the meantime, you can read how it all works, plus you can ask the casino for your history in advance, to speed up the process a bit.

What do you think about that?

Radka 1 week ago


I sent an email saying I want to see the histories but no reply. They blocked my account immediately and I had 200 euros there that I had deposited. They said I could pay them out but the account would be blocked. anasjs thank you very much for replying.

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fulbolinhio 1 week ago

Hi there,

well, this is another option. Just make sure you save all emails and in case the money does not arrive, come back and tell us. In this cases like this we normally step in, though I hope that would not be necessary of course 🙂.

Come visit us in any way, we can use your insights about the casinos you've played in.

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