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10 months ago nadineanders81
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thanks po mam radka..

I think this is all about my withdrawal they don't want to pay..I already submitting my documents for kyc to process my withdrawal..maybe that's the reason why they blocked me..38k pending for withdrawal..that is a big help for my father's medication..

advanced thanks to you mam radka for helping me to solve this..

god bless you..

2 weeks ago

If you would check ongoing complaints, you could see that many withdrawals are currently delayed, but the casino pays the winnings after all. The most important part, for the time being, is cooperation so you can pass the KYC. If there were any irregularities we will check them out via your complaint. Try to stay calm, please. 👍

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2 weeks ago

Hi, so i passed KFC verification after getting rejected on my first withdrawl.

First, i could have swore that my visa card was a withdrawl option but now it's removed and i am told it was never an option.

Is there anyone that can validate this?

Second, my bank clearly warns me not to share person bank info with untrusted parties. After all miscommunicate and deflection, i am very concerned about the authenticity of this casino.

My third withdrawl attempt it in limbo because apparently, they want to re-KFC me, because apparently providing my bank card, passport info, proof of address, credit card info (with numbers blotted out, photo of bank access minus private account details, and a letter from the bank with swift codes and international wire numbers isn't enough?

For sure, you can assume it's me.

With an etransfer, details of your bank info isn't needed. The receiver can put these funds in whatever account they want, no?

I am waiting on a withdrawl request which was promised to be delivered in under 96 hours (that was nearly a week ago)...

Once i informed them that on my third attempt, i will do a smaller withdrawl for the quick turn around, that's when they finally informed me they want my personal bank info and threw a wrench into it once again.

I had multiple agents at that point reassure me everything was good to go and to wait, wait, wait....

This is an obvious delay and it's sketchy.

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2 weeks ago

it's clearly written here they do support visa which is the card i played on and it was verified. Once i told them i would try to withdrawl to visa after they rejected my first etransfer request, the tab disappeared. I was told they don't support visa withdrawls but my trust has been broken so much that i would like this to be confirm. I have been going at this for close to a month now and i'm extremely frustrated. Especially when i paid with money that I have to work for,...


charliehann 2 weeks ago

Hello charliehann, I moved your posts from the thread "IceCasino asking for personal bank account number for an etransfer" here to IceCasino- general discussion. All is probably caused by problems with payment providers, because banks don't want to deal much with casino transactions lately. Unfortunately, we have been witnessing many payment delays in last days, as you can see yourself here in this thread. The difficulties of other players are quite similar to your situation, but for the moment I would keep calm and wait. This casino has one of the best reputations by Casino Guru as you can see here.

May I ask you, when was your account verified? Honestly, I don't know exactly how etransfer works in Canada, the methods may be different. However, the casino has the right to offer a different payment method than the one you made the deposit with. And the fact that the casino wants to make reKYC is ok, probably they have reasons for this. This process is often lengthy, tiring for players and requires a lot of submitted documents for verification.

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charliehann 2 weeks ago

I would rather go through the exact wording of the T&C, this looks like some kind of quick description via the search engine. Isn't there any addendum in T&C etc? Could you check it in detail first and let us know? Thank you

2 weeks ago

well, they have changed the story three times now. It's been close to a month and i was told multiple times that i was good to go.

i have lost 19,000 dollars waiting because they keep playing with me.

they removed the visa withdrawl option on my first failed request

then they asked for my bank info so i provided my card. etc

then they asked for my private bank account number and i proveded that

i was verified three weeks ago and was denied two withdrawls since and this morning they rejected my requested again and are asking for my private bank account balance

they cannot even give me a clear answer and make it vague so they can find fault

they know i'm giving up....i lost 19,000 and feel like a fool.

also, today they threatened to suspend my account if i don't give them this info and they are unable to tell me why they didn't ask for this the last 6 times i talked to them after my withdrawl rejections


charliehann 2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

their answer is absurd

"Sometimes the payment method which you used for the deposit may be unavailable for the withdrawal."

how is this reputable?

2 weeks ago

i've uploaded the doc but this is sad

and they won't tell me why i can't use visa

charliehann 2 weeks ago

Hi charliehann, maybe I wouldn't insist on using the Visa anymore. Isn't there a chance that you would use some other method for the withdrawal which is in the mentioned table as they describe? Unfortunately, we come across cases where the casino really asks for a large number of documents for the verification. Recently, one player even claimed to have sent two dozens of documents, some including notarizations. I think it would be better to work with the casino now if it is in your best interest to move things forward. And yes, they often ask you for sensitive information as you stated. In order to be able to complete your checks, they also ask for providing information about your income etc. In case you would struggle more and find that casino behaves not fair to you, don't hesitate to submit a complaint. There you can describe the situation with all details. Some of our complaint team representatives will take care of you. Complaint gives room for comparing evidence and possible debate with the casino.

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2 weeks ago

I used my visa initially but when they blocked my first withdrawl attempt, they removed visa as a withdrawl option stating today that "it's because you choose to withdrawl through etransfer".... that doesn't even make sense.

Today they wanted to see how much money I have in my bank and asked for an account statement.

They are vague and unable to answer many of my questions.

It feels like phishing to me.

I'm worried for my financial safety and have blown away nearly 70 percent of my winnings because i don't think they will ever give me a cent of it.

charliehann 2 weeks ago

I'll wait to see what the next excuse is after I submitted my bank balance info. I tried to get clarity as to what they want this time but they will not answer. They also are unable to answer why Visa has been removed, because for most people it's a withdrawl option. They removed it after I was verified.

2 weeks ago

I noticed the payouts have changed and do not agree with my bed and thr payout tables

When I asked them about it they said they a re not responsible for it and it's the vendors they rent from

But it happened on different vendor machines

I spent 4 grand watching the consistency

I have plenty more file


charliehann 2 weeks ago


I think that you should provide the proof of income as the casino asked you, the best way is to cooperate and finish the additional security check. This is quite normal if you win big - or if you hit some threshold in the deposited sum. The casino simply has to prove that you played with your own funds.

I can understand that until this is done, no withdrawal will proceed to payout. That is normal, the same as the whole KYC situation. Until you pass it completely, you are not entitled to successfully withdraw.

I have no idea what is the problem with the card, but honestly, I would stop playing with the balance and focus on completing the check.

Is there any document missing at the moment, please?

charliehann 2 weeks ago

I don't know what seems the be the problem with the game, sorry.

No sevens, no bars, no bells 3x,4x,5x... Just wilds - honestly, this is a topic for the game provider, though I think that the casino should check the situation if there is any irregularity. Of course, you can contact the game provider on your own.

Let us know how it goes.

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2 weeks ago

Goodnight ,

Icecasino canceled my withdrawals, which were requested 30 days ago yesterday.

22/23 working days. That's October 24th and 25th.

Quality Control said they knew I had these withdrawals.

Which went down really well.

that is, as the 1st and 8th are holidays, the deadline ends on December 9th.

30 business days, everything on track so the casino doesn't fail.

of 83,035 euros.

30,500 euros are missing.

Having the casino paid so far, 52,535 euros.

I never did anything wrong, I followed all the rules, I even applied as soon as I was asked for a source of income. Which was soon approved.

Do not open duplicate accounts, try to use only one Wi-Fi.

pay attention when filling in the data,

if you cheat the casino they will get caught. Collaborate . I think if everything is right, the casino will do everything to comply with its T&Cs.

Read the rules and try to solve it when you can't with support, email

always responded and with conclusive answers, contrary to support.

and always remembering that we have here the best professionals in the world, with regard to online casinos.

And the best and biggest database in the world.! CASINO GURU . Congratulations .

Much Gratitude

Automatic translation:
Valter_Mendonca 1 week ago

The date is slowly getting closer to the final, I'm just as curious as you and I hope that thanks to all the steps you are following and that you are giving the casino the necessary time, everything will go smoothly.

Thank you for repeating the points you made, yes, it is very important to-

- note that casino is allowed to ask you for knowing  your source of income

- not to open duplicate accounts

- try to use only one Wi-Fi

- pay attention when filling in the data, etc., etc.

You can find more useful information of this kind here in our Fair gambling codex for players

1 week ago

After 96 hours they paid only 2000 out of the 5000 I asked for. They don't respect their own t&a

I lost 30000 waiting and some of machines are not paying out correctly.

So yeah, they can't even payout a withdrawl in the correct amount of time.

I feel played with

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charliehann 1 week ago

Olá ,

O casino pode demorar até 14 dias úteis .

sei que é um pouco de tempo mas até aí estão cumprindo .

8.15. For the players who successfully completed KYC check, a withdrawal amount from 5000 EUR to 30 000 EUR (or equivalent in your currency) will be approved by the Casino within the period of 5 mins — 96 hours, but not exceeding 14 working days from the date of the request, except for weekends and holidays. Please note, the time for money clearance may vary upon the payment method. Most payment providers, especially banks, do not process payments on weekends and public holidays.

charliehann 1 week ago

Would you be so kind and update your complaint, please?

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