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Matej Novota

Data and complaints department lead


Matej is the lead of Casino Guru online casino review team and complaint resolution team. He manages a team responsible for collecting, evaluating and updating data about casinos, thanks to which we have one of the biggest and most up-to-date databases of online casinos. And that’s suitable, as Matej really enjoys collecting, analyzing, and processing data.

Apart from that, Matej also manages our complaint resolution team which takes care of player complaints submitted to Casino Guru and does everything in our power to help players that have been wronged by online casinos.

He started working on Casino Guru back when our database contained about 40 online casinos. He played a key role in creating our sophisticated process of reviewing online casinos and assigning them ratings which fully reflect their quality, reputation and attitude towards players.

Since we’ve first created our data-driven review methodology, Matej has been continuously working on improving it, adapting it to changes in the online gambling ecosystem and making sure that our reviews are simply the best on the market. Thanks to Matej and his team, we’re able to provide useful and relevant data to players coming to Casino Guru looking for information about online casinos, and ultimately helping them choose the best one based on their needs and preferences.

To stay informed about the online casino world, Matej attends most major online gambling conferences, such as those in London, Lisbon, Malta, Amsterdam, Moscow or Kiev. This is where you can meet him in person and get in touch.

You can find me on LinkedIn as well.
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