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11 months ago soldado101010
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1 week ago

I signed up. Deposited €1300 and won well. Total 30k. On the slot and in live games. The payout of €5000 is delayed immensely. I'm afraid I won't see any of the money at all. I have submitted all the data required for the KYC check. Here it comes.. the Slotimo page is down. No longer available. HELP!!!!!!!!

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Bigboss528 1 week ago

Hello there.

I was about to congratulate you for being so lucky. Sadly, it seems issues arise, so I will focus on a complaint instead because it seems to be a reasonable option.

Though I would like to clear up a few more details first.

Has your account been fully verified yet? If yes, when it was done, and since when is your withdrawal pending, please?

Furthermore, has the casino initiated a further security check? It is a rather standard procedure applied in case of bigger wins, so intentionally your account may be blocked or inaccessible due to an ongoing investigation.

I tried and am able to enter the casino and register, hence I believe the casino is not down completely.

If you prefer to submit the complaint just now, feel free to do so.

This article should explain what you should expect along the way.

For submitting the complaint - use this direct link

Radka 1 week ago

Hello Radka,

Thanks for your answer.

The site was only temporarily down.

Now the site is working again.

I verified myself in several steps.

I have provided Slotimo with a bank statement, a utility bill, individual pictures of my ID, individual pictures of my face and joint photos of me and my ID.

I am always being comforted in the live chat that it is currently being worked on. The payout has been running since March 12th.

If the withdrawal is not completed today, I would like to file the complaint.

Does this cost me anything?

What is your experience with the payout time at Slotimo?

Thanks for your answers.

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Bigboss528 5 days ago

Hello Bigboss528,

Nice to hear the website is available again, though I feel you have not made further progress passing the KYC.

As mentioned in the article I sent you the process is free completely, however, there are some steps you should expect, so if I may, I recommend you read the guide - just click the green text.

Generally speaking, we allow casinos 14 full days to fulfill the KYC and the withdrawal. So, if you submit the complaint sooner, you'll most likely get this note:

"However, please bear in mind that it’s quite usual for withdrawals to take a couple of days or even weeks to get fully processed. This means that it may take some time before your money appears in your account. This delay may be caused by unfinished KYC verification or a high volume of withdrawal requests.

That’s why we advise players to be patient, cooperate fully with casino, and wait at least 14 days after requesting their withdrawals before submitting a complaint.

If your account has been successfully verified, your game history checked, your withdrawal approved by the casino, and you still haven't received your winnings by 14 days since requesting the withdrawal, we will intervene and do our best to help you."

Don't let this fact stop you, if you feel the situation needs a push, submit one now, the complaint specialist will get to you eventually.

What do you think, are you in?

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