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• 2 months ago
The most serious casino online and IRL.
I've know them for a while and sadly didn't play for a while.
I used to be a VIP, and had a very nice manager.
I was able to have my money in cash on one of the casino circus in Belgium.
A very good experience
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  • Fair game/play. A lot of provider. Licence from Belgium and regulate casino
  • You can withdraw wins in cash, and payment are fast
  • don't accept a lot of country anymore... thats sad
• 3 months ago
Awful experience on this casino.
Big delay on bitcoin deposit
and no RTP indicate for slot, I deposit a lot and couldn't have a small win.
  • nice design casino. Welcome bonus increase when you deposit with crypto. Sport bet and esport available
  • Impossible to win, even a small wins, Bet on small amount on playngo and coulnd't get any bonus and no wins (750€).
  • Bad experience and chat rude
  • I don't recommand this casino
  • I think that its not real slot, I tried to open a YYDRASIL and it says that this slot is on an other website
• 6 months ago
Can't be worst than them...

So I discover this casino on discord, I ask here if I can play, and Radka told me that my country wasn't, but few players from France and Belgium on discord, told me YES.
So I contacted them on chat, and ask, and it was ok. I even ask for the delay of withdrawal.

Last week I had problems with my deposits, and it was mark as "in progress" but not credited, so I tried other deposit and played.
Except that next day all amounts was debt from my account ! So I contact their chat and send screenshot of the debts.
The guy told me they will "investigate". Those amount was debt with different name which is weird :
and all from Kyiv (Ukraine)
So during the chat I told him I couldnt do the KYC process as my country wasn't on the list. He said that its normal cause I couldn't play here...
I've said that not what they told me and sent him the screen (he didn't expect me to have screen of chat).
He changed his version and told me then that I can play, bu cannot withdraw more but less than my deposit... (I don't think that casino is a charitable to give them my money).
For me the scam is too big to be true... So many red flag...
I told him that this is a scam and to refund my money.
Then he told me they will propose to me a way to play on their casino (who will after that ???).
A full week later they reply to me that the money in processed was credited, and lost... Why would I complaint if it was the case ? (10000% more deposit elsewere with no problem)
Anyway... This company and its Token is a scam, I have no word after such experience...
So many red flag, and of course my deposit does not show now... (I have screen of everything of course)...
The official on pappers are Dutch and Latvian, so and European complaint is possible.
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  • well.... none
  • Say you can play, but not inform you that you cannot withdraw less than your deposit
  • unfair terms and illegal terms
  • deposit not credited and not refund, they claim after that you played it...
  • Violation of a lot of online gamble terms and law
  • Poor services
  • You must have screen of chat, cause they will say its not true until you show them proof
Fairspin Casino
Dear Client!
We value your thoughtful criticism on our platform.
Customers from your territorial jurisdiction are not permitted to play on our site, per the terms of service. However, KYC identity verification must be completed in order to be certain of your place of residency as we do not restrict usage of VPN services.
As a result, KYC is not required during registration and deposit since inhabitants are subject to its territorial jurisdictions' regulations and are personally responsible for it.
Please be aware that your deposits were successfully paid to and used in games on your account, per the information in our system, and that, per the terms of service, we do not issue refunds for money that was used in games.
We apologize that you ran into this issue.
Fairspin Support Team
• 8 months ago
This casino is the worst ever.
Mountberg is behing this casino and a lot of casinos promote everywhere.
Problems : They don't respect the licence :
- Self exclusion
- Gambling aware
- Accept players from country not allowed (france...)
- Promotion
- Payment
So if you are an addicted don't start cause they won't close your account.
RTP of playngo are at the lowest there, and on any slot (they can choose the RTP with the game provider)
I was exclude from their others casino, but they contact me to open an account and to play and to loose.
I'm filling a court case against them and Antillephone.
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  • nothing, avoid all mountberg casinos
  • RTP Low, don't pay the wins, delayed payment to make you play and loose your money, impossible to close your account for gamble issue
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