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1 month ago
This is a change of review to a positive quiet a bit of confusion but managed to get it fixed, with missing withdrawal.. The negative is and this is where the confusion happened is they did a bank transfer withdrawal and it just says on my bank account faster payment receipt ref from (my name!!) So to the naked eye it just looks like I sent myself some money So therefore it couldn't be linked to any business with an ID number or reference from the casino which I think they need to change just added to the confusion to the bank and myself. So maybe next time they can change it to faster pavement transfer from xxx casino not my bloody name lol
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  • Good selection off games
  • Nice layout on website
  • Decent bonus offers
  • fast withdrawal
  • Customer support helpful
  • Bank transfer withdrawal confusion with reference they use my name so it looked like I sent money to myself so bank and myself couldn't locate the money
1 month ago
I've been with them just over 1 month now, good selection of games. withdrawals I've got the next day in my bank account so that's very quick. Saying that the first time I joined them I played and actually won quiet a decent amount and my account got blocked instantly well obviously alarm bells was ringing. But after speaking to customer service they unblocked my account it must be security reasons. I've played a couple of times after and won small amounts and had it paid out but still rather dubious in using this casino a lot. I think when you have a bad experience the first time using a casino it can have a big impact maybe problems down the line five months in but I gave it a positive review considering my first experience
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  • Quick withdrawals
  • Good selection of games
  • Website laid out nicely
  • Easy to find games what you like
  • Unnecessarily account blocked had to contact customer service
1 month ago
It's ok not my favour I probably don't use them as often as the other casino's it's because of the game selection is pretty poor but overall never had a bad experience with them payouts has been reasonably quick Hopefully in the future they will get more games choice every casino needs big bass lol
  • Not a great selection of games
1 month ago
It's an ok casino/bookmaker I wouldn't say it's my favorite I think the games are a little outdated but overall good casino another casino that you forget about once in a while because they don't bombard you with emails which isn't a bad thing again pay outs are generally quick
  • Generally quick payouts
  • Some of slot games are a bit outdated
1 month ago
I do like this casino been with them for some time now in fact sometimes I forgot I have an account with these guys because you don't get bombarded with emails which is not a bad thing. I think if I have to say anything negative probably the £150 deposit limit it's a bit to low on the seem to not want to change it but then again I suppose they're just following guidelines put my overall experience good casino
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  • Good selection games
  • Quick payouts
  • Nice look of website
  • Search low deposit limit
1 month ago
The refusing to let me withdraw my winnings because I do not have a passport driving license I made a complaint through resolver and they will jot even communicate tho it,I've barriers put in my way to stop me withdrawing and barriers put in my way to stop me complaining through the proper channels

Complaint Specialist
13:36 (27 minutes ago)
to me

Hi Kevin,

We don't respond to Resolver Complaint emails directly for a number of reasons. The main one being that we don't, under any circumstances, share other peoples information via an email that isn't registered on their account. We're also unaware of what Resolver does with this information, such as personal documents that may have been uploaded to the query.

Im sure you understand that the protection of your data and personal information is of critical importance to us.

All the Best
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1 month ago
This is probably one of my favorite casinos they always fix problems very quickly
  • withdrawals are fast
  • Problems resolved fast
  • Nice selection of games
  • Searching for a game can be more or less impossible in the Search bar
11 months ago
They wanted me to make an appointment with my doctor to prove who I am do you want me to meet the Queen too it's a bloody casino i can't stop laughing
Declan ( The Support Team)

Jun 29, 2023, 15:29 GMT+1

Hi there,

Thanks for your reply.

Please may you get in touch with your doctors surgery and request a letter signed by your doctor of which confirms your full name and date of birth.

Once you have received said document from your doctor, please provide the following:

1. A photo of the document
2. A selfie image of yourself holding up the document

Once received, I will be able to look into the verification of your account for you.

Kind regards,

The Support Team.
kevin hooton

Jun 29, 2023, 14:32 GMT+1
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11 months ago
Ok I'm going to try and make this quick and simple i deposited £15 opted in for a bonus my original £15 deposit was up and down as it goes with gambling my original bankroll deposit was at 14 pounds when I left the game to go for a cup of coffee i then go back to my account only to find it's zero only to be replaced with a 25-pound bonus thankfully I have the full video of the game play because I run a YouTube channel bear in mind I never lost my original deposit I could understand if I lost that then the bonus one will kick in i am absolutely disgusted and going to the gambling commission they literally took £14 off me it was not lost on any games it was my original deposit totally avoid them like the plague
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