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Do not play in 24betting

1 month ago santhu
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1 month ago

Play in 24betting only to loose money. In case if u win they create story that you have multiple accounts and they justy casino guru with screen shots.

My simply commonsense question .

- any body wanted to open multiple accounts in same 24betting website ?.

- no gambler in the world knowingly open the multiple accounts

Dear all i request do not use 24betting for proof just read rejected complaints

santhu 1 month ago

Many players create multiple accounts in order to get another no deposit bonus or another bonuses on deposits for new players. It's actually very common behaviour, but it's forbidden in most of online casinos.

I'm looking at your case. You personally admitted that you have more accounts in the casino:

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1 month ago

Hi Daneil,

Still i challenge you . I dint have more than 2 accounts and 1 accounts i opened just to complaint against 24 betting since i was struggling to withdraw .

Please let me know how can i prove my truth.?

You people not sharing 24 betting evidence with me to prove that i had multiple accounts.

You mean to say people open to get free bonus . I have not taken bonus in my 1 st or second account then why will i open another multiple account it's just meaning less statment .

Only me and 24betting knows the truth .

But i thought casino guru would really get the justice for me

1 month ago

Hi team,

As per my knowledge unique mobile number is required open 1 account.

My complaint got rejected due to having 4 duplicate account . So i must be having 4 different mobile number right ?

Please display those 4 mobile number which i have used to create multiple account . That will be comfirm the really culprit .

santhu 1 month ago

If you have any comments or additional information related to your complaint, it's better to write it right into the complaint. I haven't seen the casino's evidence since I'm not personally involved in the case.

On the other hand, I'm 100% sure my colleagues wouldn't reject it for no reason. The problem is that if the casino doesn't allow us to show the evidence, we can do that. If we did it, then it's highly possible that the casino wouldn't cooperate us in the future on another case, because they wouldn't trust us.

Daniel 1 month ago

Hi Daniel ,

My complaint has been rejected and what is use if i complaint again.

You would have ask me something proof which would make my case better or you would have personally prove that if i have done really fraud against 24betting.

Blindly if you have reject my complaint without any proof showing me how would i accept being so honest tell me

santhu 1 month ago

As I already mentioned. I'm sure that my colleague rejected the complaint based on evidence sent by the casino, but I also explained the reason why we couldn't show it to you.

1 month ago

What i can do my best .any other possible way for me to fight for justice ??? Please suggest

santhu 1 month ago

I'd normally suggest you to contact the licensing authority, but since they're licensed in Costa Rica, I'd say it's gonna be very difficult to get any reply from the licensing authority. I don't remember a case where a player would have any success with the authority.

1 month ago

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your support .

Can you please provide me contact number and email id of Costa Rica ??

4 weeks ago

Dear casino guru,

What are the proof required to prove that i have used single account in 24betting site . Please let me know so that it helps me to reopen my rejected case.

Currently i have seen 1 open case in casino guru it is similar to my case that is dispute of 12 lakh,

Please help to reopen my rejected case .

santhu 3 weeks ago

Hello Santhu.

Regarding your case and the proofs:

I understand that you would like to see proof from the casino, but here is the reason why this is not possible:

Unfortunately, not every player plays by the rules. Some players are knowingly engaging in activity that is not only prohibited by terms and conditions but potentially illegal, falling under the typical definitions of fraud.

These players know before submitting a complaint that they’ve breached the rules and are simply hoping that the operator will not have enough evidence to convince a third party that they have broken terms.

If we show the evidence from the casino to these players, then the next time they will be more sophisticated, and for the casino, it will be much harder to catch them.

Because of that, the casinos or we cannot share any of the evidence (same as the regulator) 

We rejected your case because the casino presented sufficient evidence about your multiple accounts. However, because you insisted, we asked the casino to provide us with more profound evidence.

So please give us more time, and I will write you the result.

3 weeks ago

Thanks for your words,

I am asking you please let me know how can i prove that i have used only 1 account for deposite and withdraw and i have not used any bonus in 24 betting website till now.

I wanted to know what evidence they have given for example my IP address or bank details or device i have used for 6 accounts etc...

Matej 2 weeks ago

Hello Matej,

I am waiting for your conclusion.

Hope i get justice from you on behalf of

1 week ago

Hi Matej,

Any updates please on my rejected case ??



1 week ago

Hi matej,

If you do not mind can you let me know how long i should wait for solution. Please respond some thing if you assure me that you will get me justice . I can wait for any long time . Please respond me something ......


santhu 5 days ago

Hello Santhu.

Sorry for the delay - we were waiting for evidence from the casino.

We were asking them for some additional evidence to be 100% sure.

Unfortunatelly, we checked all files from the casino, and it looks like the correlation between your account and the other two players accounts are very significant. In this case, we believe that our decision was correct. 

5 days ago

Hi Matej,

Thank you very much for your response .

I have continuously won in main account so there is no question of using bonus .

I have only 2 accounts

1)1 st account username is ( locked account)

I have not used single rupees as bonus . Continuously won attached the screen shot of first account

2) 2nd account username is

i just opened just to complaint guru since the withdrawal was not happening. I have not deposited or withdrawl or bonus used single rupees. This account is still not locked because i do not single rupees in this account

By refering above 2 points what is the advantage for me to opening other accounts to cheat

For more reference attachment of my 2 accounts .

Please help me to get justice.filefile

Please let me any other proof is required ?

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