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3 months ago Fabi84
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3 months ago

Has an open Withdraw from 500€

Send all what they need for veri and they mean 1-2 Days they veri my Acc and send the Money

I hope all works perfect

Fabi84 3 months ago

Hello Fabi84,

sounds good, so update us next week about the withdrawal - I guess that weekend is excluded, right? 🤞

It's a rather new casino, so we're lacking valuable informations.

By the way, have you experienced any unusual documents you were asked to provide for the verification?

What is your opinion about the website layout and variety of games? 😉

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3 months ago

PERFECT!!!500€ won 1 day waited Acc is veri and my money was sent🙂

Thanks to the casino!

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3 months ago

I'm still waiting, but it's the weekend, so I'll have to see how it looks tomorrow. There are 2k that I can withdraw

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Fabi84 3 months ago


that's great that you notified us! Thank you 🙂. If only all players were so lucky!

Any other details worth mentioning, maybe?

Nvm1991 3 months ago

Hello there,

can imagine that you count every minute 🙂.

Now we know that the casino actually pays so I would assume that it's just a matter of a couple of days. 🤞

2 months ago

I play in this casino! My account is first withdrawal went ok..they processed and I received my money within 24 hours..however my second withdrawal they processed within 24 hours, but it’s been more than 48 hours and do see the money on my bank account!

Kokoska15 2 months ago

Based on all those negative posts about delayed payment in other casinos across the forum, it's bliss to read such a comment, well, the first few sentences.

Seems that the withdrawal is in delay, I guess you should wait a bit longer. 🤞

If you go though previus post, you'll see that it has happened before.

2 months ago

Yes I know. But am bit concerned about my withdrawal was processed on 03.01.22 and after 4 days I still didn’t receive my money..and it’s not a weekend it’s a working I’ll now I never have this problem in any other casino..since the withdrawal is processed it’s take usually 24 hours the money to appear in my account

Kokoska15 2 months ago


I would like to calm you more, and I think I can understand how you feel, based on previous experiences, I believe that the payment is just a matter of time, though.

Keep me posted and in case of something goes wrong, we are here ready to help you, just do not panic just now please 🙏.

Kokoska15 2 months ago

Hello and nice to meet you. I apologise for any inconvenience caused. I could not find your player name to check, but if you still have a problem, please send me your player name and I will personally follow up on the issue

Scatterhall Casino 2 months ago

Yes everything is ok..i received my money..thank you!!

Scatterhall Casino 2 months ago

Hello, there, and welcome to the forum, it's nice to have you here! 🙂

If I may just a small detail, kindly mind that the forum does not support personal messages, so if you ever wish any player to share their credentials, they can only do so publically, hence I ask you to consider sharing your preferred email address for further communication in such cases.

I'm also not sure whether you heard about the rules before, so I will present those now:

if you ever struggle at some point, please feel free to contact me:

Enjoy your stay! 🥳

2 months ago

Hi! I was very skeptical whether to deposit money in this casino. I read here about it. After the third deposit I received 200 euros and I am really interested in how long it will take and whether I will receive my payment. I just finished my KYC.

Goran.Avramovic993 2 months ago

Hello, I found exactly the same text in your user review. 🙂I believe that would be good to come back and update both. let us know how you're faring.😉

Edited by author 2 months ago
Radka 2 months ago

Hello! Money is already in my bank account! Great!

Goran.Avramovic993 2 months ago

Hi there!

I could use more such awesome news! 🎉🎉🥳

So, are you staying at this casino?

1 month ago

Casino doesn't play by its own rules. Won 5.5k. 2.5k paid out after a long wait. Now nothing has happened for 5 days although after 2 days everything is processed according to the terms and conditions. 500 daily and 2000 weekly is not respected. Reasons are not given, the live chat forwards the complaint every day and nothing happens. I've tried to sort things out in a friendly manner. No problem if it takes longer but I'll be ignored. Can't get any further at the moment. What do players who have won very large amounts do at this rate?

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asgard18 1 month ago


players that are lucky enough to hit a higher win usually find themselves in the middle of additional verification - according to the posts across this forum.

Sadly, if the casino ignores you I'm assuming that there are many reasons, but still, we can only guess without a proper answer.

You got the first part, so I guess that this is just a delay. Can't figure out more.

If you feel you need help, you can consider submitting a complaint.

Let me know how the idea suits you.

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