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1 week ago kszysio
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1 week ago

i checked casino

created an account because of the 100% bonus> The type of bonuses is selected during registration this casino.

after creating an account and selecting and depositing i did not receive the bonus. .

I went on live chat because waiting in line as 10, I got the information. that I will not receive a bonus because the administration dont want.

I said either bonus or deposit refund.I heard information that without the game I can't withdraw. I must wager 1 time

Who likes to play with a bonus, I advise against the casino because you can not get it.

I winto triple deposit. and now I'm checking how it is with withdrawals. I will describe it here

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kszysio 1 week ago


I'd say that this is truly a dishonest practice because as far as I understand you deposited to get the deposit bonus. Can you paste the casino's response in a form of a print screen, please?

Sadly, yes deposits have to be wagered several times to submit the withdrawal.

1 week ago


1 week ago

first day without withdraw...

kszysio 1 week ago

Hello and thank you. From my point of view, this is wrong and the casino should act fairly.

I also find it very strange to say that they're offerings various winnings in the tournaments, that's a very poor choice of words when you deposited to get the deposit bonus. 🤔

1 week ago

casino Cashout today, without veryfication.

kszysio 1 week ago

Hello, what do you mean, please? Did they sent you back the deposit or were you finally able to withdraw? I don't think that much can be done without account verification. 🤔

1 week ago

finnaly winning withdraw,

No need veryfication.but I have withdrawn less than 70 euros from the casino

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