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Casino Moons - Player has been struggling to withdraw her winnings.

Amount: A$3,000

Casino Moons
Good reputation
Submitted: 13 Oct 2021 | Case closed : 20 Oct 2021
Case closed Our verdict

Unjustified complaint


Case summary

4 days ago

The player from Australia has been experiencing difficulties withdrawing her winnings. Subsequently, all the funds were played and lost. We rejected this complaint as the funds have been played before we could intervene.

1 week ago

Beware of this casino. They state they accept Australian currency but you get charged internationally fees. They take long to pay and always find excuses not to pay.

Ever since I started using this site my bank account has been hacked over seven times in two months I’ve had to constantly change cards therefore I’ve had to keep adding new cards to make deposits.

This casino is so dodgy they are happy to take your money and not request a copy of the card however if you would like to make a withdrawal even though it’s not using the card you no longer have, they want a hand written and signed letter first stating the card is no longer in use before they let u withdraw (even though a different card was used for the deposit)

I find it very very dodgy they want a HANDWRITTEN and SIGNED letter. This is personal information and they don’t have a right to ask for ur signature or ur handwriting as this can be all part of a fraud act. They have ur credit cards already, add handwriting and a signature To that and ur basically asking them to hack into your life. All of a sudden now because they knew I wanted to withdraw, they delayed me me in verifying my account. Mind you they already have my licence, including address and bills and credit cards that are in use however this wasn’t good enough for them. They want to delay the process more because they want u to continue playing the money u hoped to withdraw and if u are a gambler like me then you’ll keep playing because that’s what we do….. so I keep playing but all of a sudden I’m getting zero wins from 5k down nothing. $20 feautures paying only $10.

its as though as soon as they know someone wants to withdraw they trigger something on their end so u stop getting paid out.


they are dodgy and are asking for a copy of ur card only when u want to withdraw but not after you’ve already made deposits from that card. Makes no sense at all. Especially when I haven’t used that card in over two months to deposit. And then to avoid paying me they wouldn’t verify my account unless I sent them a handwritten signed letter to say the card isn’t in use. Why can’t they accept a typed email ?? I refused to send it to them so I lost my winnings because I knew they wouldn’t verify my account so I can withdraw and I refuse to send what they are asking for as it isn’t necessary and shouldn’t be affecting my withdrawal request but this is what they do. They find ways to avoid paying you and then they’ll rig the games u play so u lose it all and can’t withdraw by the time they do verify you the money has been spent and we all know what it’s like gambling with emotion. I was angry so ended up losing all the money I wanted to withdraw because I knew they weren’t gonna budge on the hand written and signed letter stating I no longer have the card they want a copy of that hasn’t been used in two months….


there are so many casinos out there that do pay are not dodgy however casino moons is the dodgiest! They have awesome games and decent customer service until h want to withdraw that is.

1 week ago

Dear Han,

Thank you very much for submitting your complaint. I’m sorry to hear about your withdrawal issue.

Please understand that KYC is a very important and essential process, during which the casino makes sure that the money is sent to the rightful owner. As they don't have the luxury of being able to physically see all of the players and check their identification and documents, this is the only way gambling establishments are able to complete the verification procedures. None of the serious and licensed casinos takes KYC lightly and it might take a few working days to complete this thorough process.


Sadly, since you have played your winnings, I’m afraid, there is not much we can do for you. Please understand, the player is the only one responsible for their account, active balance, and all the bets taking place. For future references, please contact us as soon as the issue evolves so we can intervene before it's too late.

Please let me know if there is any additional information that I have overlooked, but I’m afraid I will be forced to reject your complaint as unjustified. I wish I could be of more help. Thank you in advance for your reply and understanding.

Best regards,


5 days ago

I won’t send a handwritten signed letter as I have to many concerns which is why I had to play the money because they wouldn’t let me withdraw.

4 days ago

I wish I could be of more help. I’m very sorry we couldn’t assist you to resolve this case, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you run into any issues with any other casino in the future. I will now close this complaint. Thank you for your understanding.