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ZENBET Casino - Player wishes to close her casino account.

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Submitted: 13 Oct 2021
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6 days ago

The player from Greece would like to close her casino account.

1 week ago

Good Evening.

In the above casino I won some money and when I went to withdraw it, I had some problems, as a result of which they told me in the live chat that they would fix the problem by sending me an email.

I waited for several hours and they did not send anything.

I gambled the winnings and lost them and asked to have my account closed 3 times or to be given a deposit limit.

Their answer was that they could not do it.

Is that possible? According to the rules of the responsible game, they are obliged to close the account for the protection of the players.

Please contact me for my final self-closure


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1 week ago

Dear Marianthi,

Thank you very much for submitting your complaint. I have checked the casino’s website for options to close an account and unsubscribe from all correspondence with the casino and its services, unfortunately, I didn’t find anything.

I would recommend sending an email including all the relevant information to support@zen.bet. In this way, you’ll have proof of such action. Specify in the request for how long you wish your account to be closed and clearly state the reason why. Additionally, email "Subject" should be clearly marked and easily recognizable as casino support receives many requests per day hence, if it’s visibly marked you stand a better chance to have your request granted as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, we had a very similar case in the past and were unable to help the player to close their account.


Thank you in advance for your reply.

Best regards,



1 week ago

Thank you very much.

I have sent an email but it is still active

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6 days ago

Thank you very much, Marianthi, for your reply. Could you púlease forward the email to petronela.k@casino.guru?

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