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Spinfinity Casino - Part of the player’s winnings was confiscated.

Amount: $300

Spinfinity Casino
Very good reputation
Submitted: 19 Mar 2021 | Case closed : 05 Apr 2021
Case closed Our verdict

Player stopped responding


Case summary

1 year ago

The player from the USA is experiencing problems probably due to mixing funds caused by an unprocessed withdrawal transaction. We rejected the complaint because the player didn't respond to our messages and questions.

1 year ago

I first started with free spins with max $250 cashout ,won $200and they took forever saying they needed the back of my liscense sent to them and there server kept rejecting small document but accepted the bigger documents they finally verified my account but took over 2 weeks asked them if I could make deposit why payout is pending they said no problem.I made deposit with 60×rollover on $100bonus over $6,000 rollover was up over $1,500 but lost money back down to $400and asked for another payout then they all of the sudden send my first payout back to me but had all my documents customer service said it was a mistake and just send it back with other payout .This where they tricked me they should have never sent it back anyway asked for $400 payout from first payout combined with second and computer deducted a hundred for max cashout on free spins saying my to seperate payouts are now 1 this is total crap and they did this on purpose.As they are processing $300 payout should be $400 they send $10free chip won nothing but made a few more deposits and won another $200 from small deposit and used comp points .Out of the $600 should have ben paid they only paid me $300 saying I combined all 3payouts and max cashout on free spins and free chip is $300 this is a big lie and they no the truth and did what they did so they would get out of paying my money.The only free anything I won on was free spins and made 7 deposits after that meeting a 60×rollover on second deposit using bitcoin .On top of that an agent named Jordan explained everything to me and cashier people after he reviewed everything and said I was correct .He said first payout had ben in cashier then they bye mistake sent it back to me when I combined it with second deposit is why $100 deducted that should not have ben after meeting rollover.And the last deposit I met rollover but lost most but not all and used comp points with no max cashout.Only thing that had max cashout was free spins and that was first payout that should have remained seperate but feel like they rejected my last verification document so they could reject first payout and trick me thing is that is 200max cashout there own agent said even combined should have received all my money and still have that email to prove what I am saying .This casino has super slow payouts and do not like it in my case will not pay out all winnings legit won made a bunch of deposits in very little time waiting on first payout then second then 3rd and only received $300 out of 3 $200 seperate payouts with 1and 2combined per casinos request.Thanks

1 year ago

Hello Larry,

Thank you very much for submitting your complaint. I’m sorry to hear about your negative experience. Do I understand correctly, that $300 out of all your winnings were confiscated?

Would you be so kind and send me all the relevant communication between you and the casino, so we can gather as much information as possible? My email address is kristina.s@casino.guru.

I hope, we will help you to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


1 year ago

Dear Larry,

We are extending the timer by 7 days. Please, be aware that in case you fail to provide the required information in the given time frame, we will reject your complaint.

1 year ago

Unfortunately, we’re forced to reject this case because the player hasn’t responded to our messages and questions. Therefore, we’re not able to proceed with further investigation or suggest possible solutions.

The player can reopen this complaint anytime.

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