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• 1 month ago
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I deposited it several times in the casino! In the end, with a bit of luck, you might win something! Withdrawal limit was 1000 € so I applied for it and uploaded documents! Processing time according to the casino 72 hours! The first request was rejected after 3 days, documents were still missing! So uploaded again and applied for again! In the whole process I never get an email or anything about whether my verification is complete or anything else! I always had to ask in the live chat myself! Then I was told that my verification is complete and the money will be transferred in 1 day! After another 2 days of waiting again in the live chat, I was told that I still had to wait for the documents to be checked. When I then sent you the chat protocols with the advisor who told me that I was fully verified and the payment was only one more Day, the answer I received was that they couldn't give me any further information! Then I wrote an email to the casino that I would complain to the license authority! Now yesterday all of a sudden my withdrawal request was gone, no message, nothing, no confirmation! When asked in the chat today, supposedly paid out and the money will come! What I also noticed was that in the meantime game providers in which I played a lot were no longer there or could no longer be opened! Furthermore, my payout limit has now been set down to € 500 !! So everything is really very questionable and not to be recommended
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  • Payout limits are adjusted and downgraded, no confirmation emails about payout and verification
  • Advertise with fast payouts but the opposite is the case
  • Games where a lot has been won suddenly no longer playable
  • Live chat staff with standard answers
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• 4 months ago
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So I can't understand the negative reviews, I deposited and implemented with a bonus and without! Have made 3 payouts in small 4-digit range! Verification went quickly about 1 hour and payment was after about 16 hours on my account!
  • Quickly verified and paid out
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