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Amount: Can$500

NeonVegas Casino - Player is criticizing bonus policy.

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Submitted: 19 Dec 2020 | Case closed : 22 Dec 2020
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Unjustified complaint


Case summary

69 days ago - 22 Dec 2020

The player from Canada is highly dissatisfied with the promotional offer and its policy and rules. We’ve rejected this complaint as unjustified.


I choose this casino for the bonus..

MY mistake is i wasn't aware of the wagering and i couldn't clearly understood the little info about it since my concentration is hard on me with TDA... but i take responsibility for it... but when i realize that the wagering was 10 000$ and after loosing 340 buck which 240$ before i understood correctly... i expected to max the bonus but if i NEW that the bonus is strictly based on the first deposit, i would obviously deposit less in order to be realistically able to do the wagering criteria... i could've spent less and made it if i did two separate payment instead on one full at the beginning i made over 6000$ of the 10 000 $ needed and i consider this as quite a good sign that i was interested in playing fairly... also when i learn and get the mistake no one really made me feel listen to and by the time i receive a final decision the 48h period to have this 10000$ wagering complete was ended....i realize my mistake and ask for anything that could be worth the fun i could have get from the bonus but in vain as if it wasn't important ... i really feel tricked because for us whop have trouble concentrating, the warning isn't clearly seen and the base on first deposit isn't warned at all... i spend 340 and didn't even received one bonus not even in free spin and i'm not happy at all of how they dismiss my demand... i needed to point this out so maybe they can be made aware of the danger that represent for many of us who just hope to have fun while having a chance equal as everyone to win something... thank you Oh and when i ask precision before depositing my last buck i was encourage to spend more or loose the bonus which push me to loose more ... even if knowing it was concerning to me... agent should be aware that not everyone are acting well handling money. the amount i contest of 500$ was the bonus amount. i do not reclaim it necessarily i mostly want my opinion on this heard and posted so less folk fell into this trap


Dear Valerie,

Thank you very much for submitting your complaint. I want to inform you that we cannot make a case solely based on what you are describing. Unfortunately, if the casino shares all the relevant information on its website, there is not much I can do for you in this matter.

I would strongly recommend reading all the T&Cs carefully before you start playing to avoid any misunderstandings in the future. Casinos try to design their bonuses to be as attractive as possible, but the rules must always be followed.

Please let me know how you would like to proceed.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Best regards,



Just let it go... Who am I to pretend having been wronged ... Nothing can be helpful as you mentioned anyway ... So I'm sorry to have took your time my mistake my responsibility... I get that.. it's the response I was expecting...I hoped I could be listen too but rules does not take time to acknowledge the facts that my mistake was the result of how the bonus is presented... gonna deal with the feeling of being dismiss ... It's not important anyway ... to you I'll be the freeloader or the "victim" that cannot accept loosing ... Not someone who honestly could have avoid that with more care and transparency of the website ... in these time of financial hardship and despair an effort should be done to help those who are so stressed out and can't put attention to every little detail... I just wanted to have what I paid for ... Not even adjusting the bonus without changing anything so I could at least have the value of what I spent... It's so frustrating to have paid too much to receive the bonus... It's so ridiculous ... And not having access to any other bonus that I could have met requirements... Some have deposit only 20 buck receiving easily their bonus but because I started with a hundred it throw my bonus out of reach and this wasn't explain clearly at all not hinted ... It's not right to do so even if it's legitimate... But who care ... Haaaa I didn't ask to be proven victim ... I ask this to be made aware that it is a problem ... I just hoped the company would understand their choices is misleading a group of people and it's not okay to make money on their back and then wash their hands because they had written on small character on another page the true involvement of the first deposit and the consequences in the first action... It should be taken for account that people, many, are not aware of what they choose and no mistake is recognized as honest ... This is first everything bonus .. it's obvious people think they figure that out if some conditions are not clear ... And or bold ... How hard is it to put a mention close to the payment option or a reminder that you deposit 100 the wagering is strictly based on the first deposit and suggesting to deposit less if we know it not attainable... That would have change my choices ... The craziest is I would have spent the same amount ... It make no sense to not even at least extend the ridiculous 48h timeframe that put under pressure even more ... Fear of missing out technic really well used ... On that please let this case go and I'll pray that others will be better than I st figuring so many details mixed up purposefully...


I’m very sorry we couldn’t help you to resolve this case, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you run into any issues with any other casino in the future. I will reject this complaint now. Thank you for your understanding.