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MoiCasino - Player’s deposits have never been credited to their casino account.

Amount: €750

Very good reputation
Submitted: 17 Jun 2022 | Resolved : 17 Jun 2022
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2 weeks ago

The player from the Netherlands has deposited money into casino account but the funds seem to be lost. Player’s complaint has been resolved successfully.

2 weeks ago

2 deposits via Volt haven’t reached playing account while debited from bank:

  • 250 EUR, 10 June 20:31
  • 500 EUR, 10 June 21:26

I immediately reached out to the customer service via the contact form. After the weekend, I sent another email, and then another email.

On 14 June, I’ve been requested to provide bank statement in PDF format. I did it within an hour or so. No reply since then.

Very bad experience.

2 weeks ago

Dear stepvsleap,

Thank you very much for submitting your complaint and forwarding your payment receipts. I’m sorry to hear about your problem.

I would like to warn you, that if your deposits have never been credited to your casino account, the only thing you can do is to contact your payment provider. They need to investigate, but bear in mind, that it’s a lengthy process which takes approximately one month. In these cases, casino has its hands tied. Meanwhile, I would strongly recommend not to deposit any more funds until the issue is sorted.

If the money got lost during the transaction, it’s going to take some time before it’ll be located and refunded back to you or credited to your casino account.

Could you please advise if you contacted your bank already?

I hope we will be able to help you to resolve this issue. Thank you in advance for your reply.

Best regards,


2 weeks ago

Hi Petronela,

Many thanks for your reply.

Locate a payment is not a problem when you are trying to do so. It has never been a problem in other casinos I played at. The resolution time was max. 3 days (in LeoVegas, for example, it was 10 minutes).

All casino has to do is to find transaction in their bank account using unique reference added in description of transaction that I had already provided.

I still don’t understand why I have to get myself busy to find my funds taken by volt - a payment solution proposed by casino and not them? Casino is at fault and has to get their ass of the chair and do a little work.

I reached out to my bank and it will cost me additional 15 EUR per transaction to initiate investigation (with no guarantees).

Why do I have to pay again?

8.2 is definitely unfair rate for this house.


2 weeks ago

The funds have been just credited.

I reached out to Volt and they sorted it out.

Thanks for your help!


2 weeks ago

As the problem has been successfully resolved, we will now close the complaint as ‘resolved’ in our system. Thank you very much, stepvsleap, for your confirmation, and please don’t hesitate to contact our Complaint Resolution Center if you run into any issues with this or any other casino in the future. We are here to help.

Best regards,