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Libra Spins Casino - Player’s struggling to withdraw his winnings.

Amount: €4,000

Libra Spins Casino
Questionable reputation
Submitted: 13 Sep 2021
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Case summary

4 days ago

The player from United Kingdom is experiencing difficulties withdrawing his funds.

1 week ago

I have €4000 Euros in my account I want to withdraw but they refuse my withdrawal request everytime. When I ask the live chat they say it’s due to ‘technical issues’, which is extremely vague. They’ll take my deposit instantly but won’t pay up my winnings!

6 days ago

Dear Archie,

Thank you very much for submitting your complaint. I’m sorry to hear about your withdrawal problem. Please allow me to ask you a few questions, so I can understand the whole situation completely. Could you please advise if your account has been fully verified? Have you been advised why you can’t withdraw your winnings? Is it an internal casino system issue, or it’s related to your account only?

Please understand, without verifying your account, you won’t be entitled to any withdrawals.

However, I believe we will be able to help you to resolve this issue and receive your winnings as soon as possible. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


6 days ago

Hi Petronela,

My account is fully verified. I have tried twice now to withdraw my funds however LibraSpins claim my withdrawal request was refused due to "technical issues". They are unable to specify what these technical issues are which make me very suspicious of them as a bookmaker. They’ll happily take my deposit in an instant but will not pay my winnings. I’m afraid that I won’t receive any of what I am owed! Reading some of the other complaints on this page too don’t give me too much hope! Please help!



4 days ago

Thank you very much, Archie, for providing all the necessary information. I will now transfer your complaint to my colleague Viliam who will be at your assistance. I wish you best of luck and hope to see your problem being resolved to your satisfaction in the near future.

4 days ago

Hello reayarchie,

I looked at your complaint and will do my best to help you. I would like to invite Libra Spins Casino into this conversation. Casino, can you please specify what is the problem with the player’s withdrawal?

Libra Spins Casino has 2d 7h 16m 49s to reply