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Amount: €3,100

Jellybean Casino - Player’s winnings were confiscated because of “irregular betting patterns”.

2.1/10 Very Bad reputation Submitted: 02 Oct 2019 | Unresolved : 18.12.2019
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240 days ago - 18 Dec 2019

Ajoy, a player from Canada, requested withdrawal of €3100 but it was declined for the reasons of using the Martingale strategy and betting more than 30% of the deposited amount. We closed the complaint as ‘unresolved’ because the casino enforced condition which is considered as predatory in Casino.Guru team.

Written by Jozef Krucay
Data and complaints deputy lead

I won 3100euros and withdrawEd it and casino forfeit the money saying I played a strategy called margentiale and it’s not allowded and I am not suppose to play more than 30% of what I deposited as per their rules and refused the withdrawal credited initial deposit back 

it’s clear scam


Hello, Ajoy.


Thank you very much for submitting your complaint through our website. We are sorry about the way you've been treated by the casino. The Casino Guru team considers these two conditions as unfair. Could you provide us with the exact explanation you have received from Jelly Bean Casino? 


Best regards, Jozef


Dear Ajoy,


We are extending the timer by 7 days. Please, be aware that in case you fail to provide the required information in the given time frame, we will reject your complaint.


The reaction was Ajoy we cut all your winnings because you used a strategy called margintale which is against casino rules so you initial deposit is returned and winnings are forfeited 

when I said this is not fair and against the law in Canada they said this is our rules and was really arrogant 


Hello, Ajoy.

Thank you for providing us with the information we requested. We will now try to get in touch with the casino.


Best regards, Jozef




We can confirm that the contested winnings were voided as the following terms and conditions of the casino has been broken:

  • Placing single bets equal to or higher than 30% of the most recent deposit in play, if it is smaller than the bonus. This max bet limit applies to all players even if no bonus is received, or if the Total Wager Requirement has been cleared.



We see that the deposit in play was deposit ID 705613 of 33.05 EUR, therefore, according to the rules you are not allowed to bet more than 9.91 Euro.  Your gameplay was audited, and it shows that you made 209 bets over the limit ranging from 10 EUR to 200 EUR on the following games:


  • Dragon Hunters
  • American Blackjack
  • Market Wonders


We understand your frustration, however, since you broke Terms and Conditions, therefore, your winnings have been voided.


Kind regards


Jellybeans Casino


The specific content in your unfair practice itself is a violat in Canada since I have played from Canada using Canadian dollars your terms are clearly unfair and used to bias any unfamiliar players and contacted your embassy in Canada they asked me to contact police which I did and filed a case against you 

your Casino is a total scam


Dear Jellybean Casino.


Although we are aware that this rule is an industry standard and you can find it in the T&Cs of many casinos, the Casino.Guru team considers terms like this to be predatory. Unfortunately, if you are unwilling to change your decision, we are forced to close this complaint as unresolved. You can reopen this complaint anytime.


Dear player. 


We are sorry that we couldn’t help you in this case. Your only option is to file a complaint with the licensing authority of the casino. Since, the casino has this rule in their T&Cs, we aren't convinced that you are going to succeed. But, we recommend you to try.



Best regards, Jozef