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Amount: A$6,200

House Of Pokies Casino - Player is struggling to verify his account.

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7 days ago - 24 Nov 2020

The player from Australia is having difficulties with completing the KYC. He submitted all the required documents, but not all of them have been accepted.


Hi after many attempts to maje 2 withdrawals of funds 2 weejs ago with House of Pokies. I have to continually on more than a daily basis check progress and chat online for help and advice of 2 withdrawals using bank transfers as the limit for withdrawal is 5000 in total 1 withdrawal of 5000 and 2nd withdrawal was 1600 and after many attempts i finally had my id and bank cards verified due to continual follow ups through myself. customer support was varied in help.

after returning my funds without reason into casino credit again and had asked them befor hand was there any other issues as i could upload more if needed , befor returning funds and starting the process again . they has said i now need selfies with they various documents and would be noted that I am uploading requested selfies. As I was uploading they returned funds. I queried why and had screenshots of the online communication and got a receipt number via email and little help saying the photos were not in hi resolution. again I got another person to take photos to make sure they were clear hi res shots waited another 4 days with continual onkine chats to various custoner support uploading as requested through email and there online banking. At this stage i the withdrawl amounts were 1 of 5000 and 2 of 1200. Again after stated they woukd allow time for myself to upload which i did via customer support and email as my profile upkoaded documents had reached capacity. if it wasnt for myself continually following there would be no communication from House of pokies.

This is now my 5th attempt after asking continually for a supervisor or finanacial team member with no luck. it has been 3 days now since the last uploas with my idrntity bank cards etc approved and selfies still pending. Iam concerned as it was winnings from y own funds with no bonuses. Is there any way of assistance Regards Steven Muir


Dear Stevemuir,

Thank you very much for submitting your complaint. I’m sorry to hear about your problem. I am sure you understand that KYC is a very important and very complex process, during which the casino makes sure that the money is sent to the rightful owner, and it can take a few business days to review all of your documents.

Could you please confirm that the rest of your documents (except the selfies) have been accepted?

Would you be so kind and forward any relevant communication between you and the casino to kristina.s@casino.guru?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,



After writhing this complaint, an email arrived from house of pokies stating on top of what had been approved being

1. Proof of Identity, 2.Bank card credit card front and back 3. Bank statement including all particulars within in the month and proof of address.

Then they required further selfies front and back in hi resolution, this was my 3rd attempt after they again returned my funds.

Weather the issues of concern I raised on this forum, may have prompted this evening's email of return of funds again asking for further documentation being bored documents being the above bank statement, proof of address, credit card front and back, proof of identity front and back. This was after continually asking weather anymore required be for they return funds.

As of now identity,proof of address bank statements and credit cards have now been approved.

I have uploaded there new request of in there words notorized above documents, I had already done this with proof of identity. Notorized is not a word I am familiar with and after looking it up is the equivalent in Australia as stamped and witnised documents by a Justice of the peace. I also backed up further identification and proof of address with a senior constable (J.o.P) . I understand the scrutiny it there has been sufficient noted documents to validate funds being transferred.

I don't think it is lawful to return funds and start the process again, when you have been continually following up on if and what else is needed, befor funds returnrd. Furthermore it appears that I am under suspicion of identity theft with the continually holding up the process. The only thing they need out of me now is a DNA and they could steal my identity.

So now I patiently wait again to what feels like another return of funds.

Is there anything else I can do??


Selfies have now been approved with h now a further need of scrutiny , being notorized documents which I have done, not after returning funds yet again. It seems to me they are delaying the process yet very quick to claim deposits.



I am still waiting on notorized documents being proof of identity, credit cards,used to deposit and proof of address. Uploaded and has not moved from that since request on Friday. There is also another email from house of pokies stating my bank won't accept bank transfer. I followed this up immediately with the bank stating that they have no record of this and there would be no problem receiving any deposit. I am in dire straits at this point. Can someone assist please


Stevemuir, reviewing documents might take some time, and I believe it must be frustrating, but I would recommend you waiting for a few more days, as you submitted those notarized documents on Friday (I hope I understood that correctly). If your account isn't verified within 7 days, we will intervene.

Additionally, I would like to point out in regards of refused bank transfer - several factors such as geolocation, and contracts with the payment providers might have a major influence. Is there any alternative payment method that you could use?


I am willing to wait as for Bank I have skrill account, and not sure weather that is possible, as i understand from what has been told via email and customer service the withdrawal is done via the account credit card you deposit with ..i have waited this long and any way to speed up this process i am willing to try. Thankyou for advice much needed platform.


Update of accepting my notorized documents they may further need documents if required via email today. What banks or banking platforms are ussually accepted ie skill? As they have stated they bank transfer the same way I deposited.


Stevemuir, thank you very much for the update! Regarding your questions, each casino supports different payment methods, and the casino itself could answer your question the best. Unfortunately, I don't have enough insight on which banks or banking platforms accept transactions from this casino.


Thank you they'd have visa and MasterCard payid l. I have both MasterCard and visa which is what I deposited with, I will follow up with customer support. Appreciate the feedback


We received this email from Steven:

"Hi Kristina following up on my forum complaint post. I thought iI would email you, in regards to ongoing issues brought up on the forum, in regards to withdrawal of funds.

I received an email this morning with all documentation accepted and withdrawal finally processed and transferred to my account within 3 - 5 days. I greatfully appreciate the support yourself and Casino Guru has provided myself, and referred your site to a friend that is in a similar position on another casino. 

Sincerely Steven "

Thank you very much for the update. We will keep the complaint opened until you receive your winnings, so please let us know. Thanks.


Will do fingers crossed that they honour there email.

Stevemuir has 1d 3h 57m 9s to reply