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Why do casinos charge an international fee for deposits?

1 year ago by tbullar2
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1 year ago

Do they want me to play somewhere else? The bank says the merchant/casino does this.

1 year ago

I personally don't like it either, but unfortunately that's just the way it is. 🙂

I only know these fees ONLY for credit card payments.

I have never had to pay a fee for any of the others. 🙂

The highest fee that was deducted from me afterwards was €22 😂 a lot considering that I paid in €100 😃

Just don't pay by credit card then you won't have any problems with such things 🙂

I like to deposit with SKRILL or direct bank transfer because I think these are the most convenient.

With e-wallets, the payouts are really super fast, I can only recommend them if these payment methods are offered in the casino where you play.

Best regards 🫡

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1 year ago

To the best of my knowledge, casinos typically do not directly pay money but instead utilize various payment providers. These providers might occasionally alter their conditions, which can be seen as a logical explanation rather than an excuse.

1 year ago

Most casinos rely on so-called 3rd party payment providers, as far as I know, many fees associated with payment are to cover intermediatory banks involved in the transaction.

Quite a jungle if you ask me.

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