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3 months ago Leeknowles13
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Matej 6 days ago

Dear Matej.

Casino Marriott.

Yes, massive problems. I have a justified win of €1000 euros. Played through the wagering requirements (although that was a minefield) i calculated to have wagered over €60,000! Made the withdrawal 29th January. Still waiting. Live chat telling me that i must be patient! What a cheek! You never get a reply from finance or promotions or any department, they just ignore you. We must not give up and i'm so delighted to have found this forum. I've even wrote to the UK action Fraud department (luckily i have a friend who works for them who helped push it to the top of the list) i received a reply back basically siding 100% with me. Can share with the group if helps? I served an official complaint against the casino of which they just ignored. The arrogance. I think with this excellent forum we could form a united front against them?

I'm open to suggestions what to do next.

Many thanks.

Mr D Brooks

Isle of Wight.

Brooksie130470 5 days ago

Look at our review on the casino. Overall rating 0.0/10

It's a crystal clear scam.

Since they've got no license, you can't even submit a complaint to the licensing authority.

3 days ago

Dear all....

Casino Marriott Update..............

I had this arrive in my spam folder yesterday. This is the first email that i have had back from finance, (apart from one back in November telling me i could not withdraw my winnings as the minimun withdrawal was €200 euros)


On Mon, 5 Apr 2021 at 08:45, wrote:

Hi David

From 1.4.2021 Casino Marriott has changed owners

And working today under a new owner.

you have a 1000 euro withdrawal request

And according to the terms and conditions, you are entitled to 150 euro

Your last deposit was 9/2/2021 of 15 euro

And under the terms, you are only entitled to 150 euros

Sent me your bank datils and I will transfer you the money

A very badly written email of which i certainly was not going to swallow. Here's my reply.. (minus my bank details)


Dear Casino Marriott.

On the 25th January of this year i made a deposit of €100 and a bonus was added. Between the day of making the deposit and up until Friday 29th January i had successfully wagered the necessary requirements of €13,500 (Although i had no idea of how you came about your wagering) If you actually add up the play through it was actually over €50k. Whilst speaking to two of your support staff between these dates they were informing me of the necessary wagering requirements to be played. I was informed that as soon as you have played through the requirements you will automatically be able to transfer over for a withdrawal. This took place on Friday 29th January. Because my initial deposit was €100 euro the limit that i could actually withdraw was €1000 (10 x the deposit) My balance actually increased to over €5,500 euros, but this was effectively dead money.

I made my withdrawal on the 29th January as i said earlier and this was locked into your system. All wagering had been completed and this was a 100% legitimate withdrawal. It's simple the €1000 euros was won with the €100 euro deposited on 25th January. I have screen grabs from your support staff confirming all of this. I have also attached the payment that left my bank. It was deposited to Marriott on Monday 25th March, and came through on my statement 3 days later.

In fact i was urged by your support staff to carry on depositing a couple of weeks later of which would speed up the processing and payment of my €1000 withdrawal?? Bizarre. Hence two further payments of €15 euros. These payments have NOTHING to do with my previous withdrawal.

You can also clearly see that one of your support staff has clearly told me that it has been accepted and paid! Incredible! I have many other screen grabs and emails from a former employee at the casino Mr Andrew Miller.

I've attached my bank details for which i expect you to make the right and honourable payment of €1000 euros.

I'm sure this is an oversight from the casino, and being new owners i'm sure you would want to keep the existing customers onboard and put things right after the incompetence of the last management, who actually breached everyone of your terms and conditions and also were acting with utter and Gross Negligence!

I look forward to the €1000 euro payment and this will ensure all legal action is cancelled.

Yours sincerely.

Mr D Brooks

22 Alpine Road



PO38 1BU


i’m awaiting there reply..

3 days ago

I’ve now been waiting 4 months for my winnings there still on hold no reply on live chats and I’ve got 6 different emails I’ve contacted but no reply. But last night I got a reply of there manager his name is Andrew and he is saying he no longer works for them

3 days ago this is his email address

3 days ago

Hi Lee,

Interesting, when he bothered to return my emails after me managing to get a notification for when he opened them, he told me he had left. If i'm honest the reply that i got from this new email address sounds like it has been written by him? I may be wrong. He could be going under a different name/disguise now? What are the 6 email addresses you have for them please Lee?



Brooksie130470 3 days ago

Sounds like the casino has been operated by only one person 😕

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