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BetPat Casino - Player has been accused of opening multiple accounts.

Amount: Can$12,400

BetPat Casino
Questionable reputation
Submitted: 13 Sep 2021
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Case summary

4 days ago

The player from Canada has been accused of opening multiple accounts.

1 week ago

I have been playing at BetPat for about a week. I registered through Roshtein using an affiliate link. 

On September 12, 2021 I had some big wins and built up a balance of about $12,400 CAD.

I woke up this morning (September 13, 2021) and tried to log in. I was shocked to find out that BetPat closed my account. When I checked my email it said I have duplicate accounts so my account was closed. This is NOT true as I have not registered for BetPat before. They even verified my documents. There is no reason why my account should have been closed as I have followed all of the TOS. My account was only closed when I had large winnings.

I reached out to support via email and got the exact same generic message as a response. They have provided very little details.

All I want is to be treated fairly by this casino. The way they handled this is very clearly a way to scam customers.

6 days ago

Dear bret,

Thank you very much for submitting your complaint. I’m sorry to hear about your problem.

We will contact the casino and ask for supporting evidence, but, before we do so, could you please advise if to the best of your knowledge, there’s a possibility that someone else from your family members or neighbors has opened an account from the same IP address or device as yours or using your email address? Were your winnings accumulated with or without an active bonus? Have you redeemed any promotional offers in this casino in the past?

If there’s any relevant communication, please forward it to petronela.k@casino.guru.

I hope we will be able to help you to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your reply.

Best regards,


6 days ago

Hi Petronela,

There is a ZERO chance anyone in my household or I personally have registered with this website before. I live alone with my fiance and she does not gamble whatsoever. The customer support rep provided two email addresses they claim are related to me but they are not.

I believe I did take a first deposit bonus on my initial $100 deposit through Roshtein's affiliate link (he's a twitch streamer). I deposited an additional $570 on the site in increments of $50 to $100 between Sept 7 and Sept 12. The funds I won with was a raw cash deposit with no bonus.

They claim two accounts, one in June and one in July were created by me which makes no sense because I have not used the website before and I am 100% certain of that. They said the account closure is not related to my IP address and that they used their detection system claiming they use the same type of detection system that banks and airlines use. I really wish I just had a way to prove to them that this is clearly a mistake.

I will forward you the correspondence between me and their support team.

This whole situation has been very disheartening as I felt comfortable registering with the website since a well known streamer was advertising the site through an affiliate link.

I sincerely appreciate your help in this situation.

4 days ago

Thank you very much, Bret, for providing all the necessary information. I will now transfer your complaint to my colleague Andrej who will be at your assistance. I wish you best of luck and hope to see your problem being resolved to your satisfaction in the near future.

4 days ago

Thanks so much, please let me know if you require anything else from me.


Hello, I haven’t heard from Andrej yet, just wanted to see when I could expect a response?

9 minutes ago

Dear Bret,

I apologize for the delayed response. I read through your complaint as well as the forwarded e-mail and I understand the situation. I’ll contact the casino and try my best to resolve the issue.


I would like to invite BetPat Casino to join this conversation.

Dear BetPat Casino team,

Please comment on Bret’s complaint and provide the relevant proofs. You can forward the information to my e-mail address andrej.p@casino.guru.

BetPat Casino has 6d 23h 50m 53s to reply