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b-Bets Casino - Player has been accused of opening multiple accounts.

Amount: €16,000

b-Bets Casino
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Submitted: 13 Sep 2021
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6 days ago

The player from Germany has been accused of opening multiple accounts.

1 week ago

I registered there on the recommendation of my girlfriend, paid in (with bonus)

And won about € 120. I had to convert something over 8000 € which I also managed. At 16,000 € I then requested a payout. But first only 1000 euros to see if it works at all. After three days of waiting and countless emails, my account was finally confirmed as verified and an hour later it was closed. Because supposedly a duplicated account. Emails are no longer replied to!

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6 days ago

Dear Matze,

Thank you very much for submitting your complaint. I’m sorry to hear about your problem. Please allow me to ask you a few questions, so I can understand the whole situation completely. Do you and your girlfriend share any of the following: household or email address, telephone number, same payment account number, IP, or device? Does your girlfriend also have an account in the same casino?

If there’s any relevant communication, please forward it to petronela.k@casino.guru.

I hope we will be able to help you to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your reply.

Best regards,



5 days ago

hey so we live together and the only thing we share is internet access, we have different email addresses and different accounts through which we deposit.

yes my girlfriend also has an account at this casino.

Warm greetings


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3 days ago

Thank you, Matze, for your reply. Please understand that majority of casinos allow one account per household or IP address only. Especially, if bonuses are claimed. I have checked the general terms and conditions, and this is what I found https://www.b-bets.com/en/terms:

"Multiple Accounts

Each Player is allowed to open only one Account per person, family, household, IP address and email address. Use of more than one Account per physical Player is known as "multi-accounting" and as such is strictly forbidden.

In the event that We suspect that a Player is opening multiple accounts by using the same or similar names, address, telephones, email addresses, same or similar dynamic IP addresses, computer or other devices, with the intent of defrauding or cheating, We reserve the right to close an Account or Accounts at any time and to cancel all the transactions, bets, waive winnings and deduct bonuses from all relevant Accounts."

Please understand that this rule has been breached. Let me know if there is any additional information that I have overlooked, but I’m afraid I will be forced to reject your complaint as unjustified.

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