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Wizard of Oz is a slot machine based on the 1939 film, adapted from Frank Baum’s book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. At first sight, it would seem there is nothing interesting that this game has to offer. The graphics represent the main elements of the story- wizards, witches, cats, tornadoes, and Dorothy’s ruby slippers on its five reels. The Wild symbol is in the form of the game logo. The highest prize is achieved when finding five of these symbols, the maximum bet is 150€, which can be turned into 50 000€.


The real fun starts with a number of bonus options. These options alone turn the Wizard of Oz into a unique game, hiding its ability to turn small bets into considerably big jackpots. The good witch Glenda enters the game at random and changes some of the symbols on some of the reels into wild symbols. She has the power to do this, not only on one of the reels, but all of them. In this game everything depends on your luck. There are as many as 30 winning lines in the game, so if Glenda changes three reels for example, your winning pot can be really rather tasty.

It would be impossible for any player to remain calm when seeing the symbols of the Emerald city on reels one, three, and five. At this point you are entering into one of the best bonus levels you can experience when playing slot machines. First of all, you have to select from the three game fields – you will find cash, a winged monkey, or the way to the Emerald City.

If you have obtained the bonus level via the winged monkey, you get eight free spins. Here you will be immersed into a terrifying atmosphere of horrific shrieks. If you find a winged monkey on the middle reel, these creatures will start flying all over the screen and change that particular symbol into wild symbols. You might be a little frightened, but winged monkeys are the symbol you most long to see, for they are the ones that bring you the biggest financial rewards.


The game takes you on a journey, just like the film, to the Emerald City. The quality of the graphics is very high, literally dragging you into an amazing fairy tail atmosphere. As you travel along the yellow brick road you have the possibility to uncover thirty emeralds. As you wander across the Land of Oz, you will meet various figures from the story, directing you to the Scarecrow’s corn field, the crazy Witch’s castle, the Tin Man’s apple orchard or to the Cowardly Lion’s gloomy forest.

The luckiest players will get as far as the gates to the Emerald City, where they will find the Wizard. This is the moment when you will get a reward for every figure you have encountered during your journey.


The basic symbols in this game will only bring you very low rewards, but everything changes upon entering the bonus levels. Just because of the bonus levels alone, the Wizard of Oz becomes a highly interactive and entertaining game, with a medium variance and the winning rate of 95.99%. The game will certainly be a pleasure for all lovers of fairy tales and it will definitely not disappoint players of any age, from 18 to 80.

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