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ZigZag777 Casino - Player’s winnings were capped.

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Submitted: 07 Apr 2021 | Case opened
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6 days ago - 08 Apr 2021

The player from Japan played with a No Deposit bonus and had his winnings capped.

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I applied for 50 euros because I was able to win more than 50 euros by using the no deposit bonus. I didn't know what to do to apply, so I consulted via chat. Then, I first submitted the identity verification documents and wanted to withdraw from Ecopaise, so I was asked to make a deposit with Ecopaise, so I made the deposit. Do I have to make a deposit at that time and spend the deposited money? I was asked to call, so I thought that if I win by multiplying, I will get 50 euros from the bonus and 10 euros deposited plus 10 euros of the winning amount, 70 euros, but if I apply for 70 euros, it is only 50 euros I know that it's only 50 euros from the bonus, so why did you make it? Isn't it a story?

I'm new to casinos myself, so I'm sorry if this is a matter of course.

At other casinos, when using this kind of withdrawal pattern, I was told that if I wanted to withdraw the deposit after making a bonus withdrawal without multiplying it, I was told to clear the multiplying conditions, so I'm not convinced.

So what do you mean by chatting? I was told that you just played with the money you deposited.

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Dear Seiya,

Thank you very much for submitting your complaint. I’m sorry to hear about your problem. Casinos try to design their bonuses to be as attractive as possible, but the casino can set the maximum cash out for their bonuses. This isn’t anything unusual, especially when the bonus was a No Deposit one.

Could you please specify which bonus you have played with? Please, post here a link here, I would like to check the bonus T&Cs.

Also, I am not sure I understood correctly – could you, please, confirm, whether you played with your deposit or not?

If there is any other relevant communication between you and the casino to kristina.s@casino.guru (or you can post it here).

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,


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I know I have a cap, but I also understand that I make a deposit to withdraw cash from my bonus.

Do I have to bet after that? I asked.

Then I got a bet because I got a reply that I needed a bet.

From here, when the same thing happened at another casino before, it was the same condition because it was the purpose to bet and win if you want to withdraw the cash deposited separately from the bonus of 50 euros. I bet and won.

So I thought I would get 50 euros from the bonus and 20 euros from the cash.

By the way, if 50 euros is the upper limit, why should I bet?

I don't understand that.

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I have taken a screenshot of the last exchange, so I don't have any proof of the exchange before pulling it out, but I have consulted with the support chat on the casino side many times, so please check if possible. I want to.

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Dear seiya,

The amount of your withdrawal request has been processed in accordance with our Terms.

To withdraw funds from the No-Deposit Bonus, is required a minimum deposit from the system to which the funds are to be withdrawn (in case the user has not previously deposited). If the user continue playing after making the minimum deposit (without creating a withdraw request and without waiting for withdrawal of funds), the payment will be made according to the above rules for withdrawing the winnings received from the No-Deposit Bonus, that is, no more than 50 Euro.

Best Regards,


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