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WildTornado Casino - The player struggles to verify.

Amount: NZ$22,000

WildTornado Casino
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Submitted: 20 Jun 2022 | Resolved : 20 Jun 2022
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2 weeks ago

The player struggles to verify as she is required to make a skype call. The complaint was resolved as the player verified her account.

2 weeks ago

Hi there,

I reopened my account with Wild Tornado about a week ago. I completed my verification and was able to deposit and withdraw in the last week. Over the weekend I won quite a lot of money and proceeded to make a withdrawal yesterday morning. I heard nothing, so tried to login to my account to find it had been disabled. I am now required to perform a Skype call as an extended verification. This is fine however they’re not giving me an indication of how long the call will take or the nature of it. I have read other reviews where they ask 50+ questions. I’m extremely nervous about the nature of this call and "passing" the verification. As I have I no idea what they’re going to ask, is there a chance they’ll subtract all my winnings if I get something wrong? Or can’t remember?

I would never have deposited the amounts I did if I knew I wasn’t fully verified but they sent me an email saying I was fully verified.

can you provide some clarity of the nature of the Skype call, questions, how long it’ll take?

2 weeks ago

Hi there this can be closed, I had the Skype call. It was straight forward just waiting for an email with the results.

2 weeks ago

Hello Emma,

Thank you for letting us know that the call went well. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you will come across any other trouble again in the future, we will gladly try to help you.