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Amount: $800

Vegas Rush Casino - Player’s bonus winnings have been voided.

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Submitted: 17 Jul 2020 | Unresolved : 06 Aug 2020
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317 days ago - 06 Aug 2020

The player from United States has been accused of opening multiple accounts. Casino doesn't respond.


I made a deposit played several hours won 2000 messages to find out if my play through was met . It was I withdrew 800.00 and sent all the docs they requested. Apx 7 times during 9 days. During that time I made 7 more deposits and played daily . Recieved phone calls and text daily for new bonus free chips. Trying to get a hold of them via phone next to impossible emailed daily asking if they needed any thing further. No reply. Figured out if I did not sign into my account and clicked on deposit the chat option would pop up. Option was only available if I was a unknown player trying to deposit. So I interacted re withdraw through chat. Every day they said we only have 1 page cant read the back. They had completed legible docs. Sent to them 5 times. Last night I logged in and went to see the status of my with draw. It said withdraw cancelled do to not meeting play through requirments. I opened chat asked if they could check my withdraw status. They claimed I had another account. I know I only played deposited abd requested winning through the account I have been playing on and depositing into for 2 months. If I had a old one it was never used. Basically was forced to cancel my with draw and forfeit my winnings. I have the chat record.


Dear Addy,

Thank you very much for submitting your complaint. I’m sorry to hear about your problem. Please allow me to ask you a few questions, so I can understand the whole situation completely. Could you please advise why your old account has been closed? Were there, at any time, both account active simultaneously?   Lastly, could you please advise if to the best of your knowledge, there’s a possibility that someone else from your family members or neighbors has opened an account from the same IP address as yours? Have you redeemed any promotional offers in the past in this casino? Any relevant communication can be sent to petronela.k@casino.guru. I hope we will be able to help you to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your reply.

Best regards,


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thank you for replying if i had an old account I was not aware of it. I do know that I had never deposited into any other account or requested a withdrawal. This was the 2nd withdrawal request denied. But you have no problem taking money from me. i would guess all together in the last 30 days I have made well over 10 deposits. When I requested the last withdrawal all monies were won from my deposit not a free coin. I had 2000.00 in winnings. I knew if I asked for it all you would deny it. so i requested 8==.00 then later after hours of more playing I requested another withdrawal. No your system will not allow that. with one pending I have never seen a casino do that before either.there definitely is some 

thing not right at vegas rush. I use my NM State emp debit card which is a secured card. meaning not all online transactions are permitted as the case with VegasRush. but you force it through several different accounts as a purchase for goods. no other casino does that they have me transfer funds to a debit card that is excerpted. also why do all of your games even the new ones drag and stop so as not to land on any winning sequence?

and if you read the chat between your agent/banker I was forced to cancel my 800.00 withdrawal read it. I got a copy if you need it. He said I had duplicate accounts. on my account it said I did not meet the play through.When I know very well I did. see chat prior to withdrawal request. it was checked 2 times. Bottom line Vegas Rush played me for a week leading me to believe I would be able to receive my payout of winnings as I should and all winners should. Had me continue to send paperwork and pictures. one excuse after the next all the while offering me a new chip a big bonus for another deposit. Knowing very well you had no intention of paying out. all of your employees are trained to not pay out. I don't win a lot. but I have at Cafe Casino and they are happy to pay out winnings. as are most all casinos. You train your employees to steal your customers' winnings. Is the bottom line. 

you know it as well as anyone who has not been paid out. I do not complain giving you 100s of dollars, I know it's a risk and chance. But when I do win I expect to receive my winnings. and on the same day. you know very well you hold winnings as long as you can before you either force your customer to forfeit. As I was or when all else fails you do payout 8 to 21 days later praying the customer just get discouraged and plays the winnings back. Do you know that reputable casinos pay out and if you won a jackpot you can push a button to secure your pending payout from yourself. you have my debit card info my ID My everything street address.and now no more excuses for not paying me that 800.00 or the 200.00 prior to that one. People do not have a lot to do during this covid lock down a lot of work from home jobs are opening. I have seen a few for casino fraud agents

un happy customer


Thank you very much Addy for providing all the necessary information. I will now transfer your complaint to my colleague Viliam who will be at your assistance. I wish you best of luck and hope to see your problem being resolved to your satisfaction in the near future.

PS: I’m sure you understand that we don’t work for Vegas Rush Casino, but as part of the Casino.Guru independent employees and professionals wer're trying to help you to resolve your problem. 


Hello Addy,

I looked at your complaint and will do my best to help you. I would like to invite Vegas Rush Casino into this conversation. Can you tell us where the problem with the player’s withdrawal is? If player had multiple accounts, please send me some relevant proof of this claim to my email: viliam.v@casino.guru.


We would like to ask the Vegas Rush Casino to reply to this complaint. We are extending the timer by 7 days. If the casino fails to respond in the set time frame, we will close the complaint as ‘unresolved’.


I apologize, but since we haven’t received any response from the casino regarding the issue, we cannot continue resolving this complaint and we are forced to close it as ‘unresolved’.

I am very sorry I couldn't help more, but at least closing this complaint as unresolved will negatively influence the casino's rating and other players can read about your experience in our review.

I hope you won't come across a problem like this again.

The casino can reopen this complaint anytime.