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Maros Gasparik

Head of Content

Maros is Casino Guru’s main writer and written content lead. He writes the cornerstone content and also manages a team of writers to make sure that everything presented on Casino Guru is well-written, truthful and correct.

Maros has been writing web content for more than 10 years, and he’s always enjoyed exploring and explaining gambling-related topics. Over the years of writing about online casinos and gambling, he’s become an expert on the topic keen on helping people understand complex gambling principles and make smart decisions when it comes to gambling.

He’s also fully aware of the negative impact gambling can have on people’s lives, which is why he pays extremely close attention to providing correct and factual information to the Casino Guru visitors, warning them about potential risks, and providing detailed information on gambling addiction and responsible gambling, with the goal to help players gamble in a more safe and smart way.

You can find him on LinkedIn as well.


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