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• 3 weeks ago
This site is geared more towards sports gambling, but they do have slots. I got a very nice call from James who welcomed me and explained their policies. He was a dynamic person.

They have a lot of slots! I mean a lot! However, I spent the majority of my time searching for slots that I could play in the USA. I couldn't find a filter to use so I basically used the hunt and peck system.

Most of the games were not eligible in the US. I was very disappointed because they had a slew of providers and gobs of slots, however, I was limited to a very small portion.

Their site is very complicated (at least the slots). If they would add filters so you could find out which slots you could play, that would help immensely. You can only view three rows of slots to choose from (and I was playing on a desktop).

They had a nice welcome bonus and they are very friendly.

I would recommend that if you are playing the slots, go elsewhere. They may be great for sports betting, but I don't do that.
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  • Nice casino host - James
  • Nice bonuses
  • large selection of game providers
  • Website is not sleek - it is choppy and hard to view the slots
  • US citizens have a very few slots they can play
  • There is no filter to even find out what games you can play
• 3 weeks ago
I have been playing here about 6 months and won $3500 about a month ago. They paid out in fine fashion. I elected check by courier and it was processed in two installments because they have a $2000 limit per check. The first check was processed in about 4 business days. I had to wait a full week for the second one to process. No big deal. I just won $890 today. I don't expect any problem getting paid. I like this site except there is a limited number of slots. The other sites I play have a lot more games. I like this site. I guess after I paid in for awhile, I am starting to win.

UPDATE: I just made another withdrawal via Bitcoin and it was completed in less than 24 hours. This casino is the real deal.
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  • No trouble with payouts, chat function with very nice and knowledgeable agents
  • Would like to see more slots added to casino
• 3 weeks ago
This place is a scam. I have been waiting for over 2 weeks to get paid a measly $400. They have TWO withdrawal options. Wire transfer and Bitcoin. They won't allow you to withdraw Bitcoin unless your receive address starts with a "1" or P2SH. Well, my credit union does not have a SWIFT number for a wire and my bitcoin receive addresses don't start with their magical numbers.

Every time I live chat, I get nothing more than the cut and paste response on telling me how to make a withdrawal. They make no effort to assist you. A trained monkey could provide better assistance.

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  • They offer decent bonuses
  • You will not get paid
  • Live chat is just a canned response
• 1 month ago
I bought in with a 250% bonus, which was nice. I tried to start playing and every slot I was choosing was restricted by my promotion. I spent more time trying to find slots I could play than actual playing.

Actually, maybe 25-30% of games was all I was allowed to play. It was like I was being punished. I figure that a casino wants to attract players - not repel them. While I've had slot choices restricted before by promotions, it was nothing compared to the high number of slots unplayable here.

The winnings were dismal. I did use live chat and they were quick to respond.

It might be better here for deposit only players. The bonus promotions are ridiculous. The wagering requirements are also higher than I normally play.

All in all, this was a colossal disappointment. I will not be back.
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  • Offers a lot of different slots
  • Bonuses restrict you to a mere handful of slots
• 1 month ago
I started out with a very nice bonus that allowed me to play for quite a while. As soon as I was getting close to my wagering requirements, my wins disappeared. This site has a nice selection of slots from different providers.

Having said that, this is the clunkiest casino website I have ever played. Lots of the slots would not load. I used the live chat feature several times to ask for help. They were quick to respond, but I always got the stock answer to clear my cookies/cache and try another browser. It was only one provider's games that were doing this and, of course, they were attached to the jackpots.

You constantly have to keep reloading games. This website's design has more problems than fun. Even though I enjoyed myself, I eventually tired of the constant reloading of games and trying to play games that wouldn't load. It wore me down. I won't be back.
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  • Nice Welcome bonus
  • Live chat feature
  • Wide variety of games
  • You will spend half of your time trying to get games to load
  • Many games will never load (usually attached to jackpots)
  • Clunky feel and outdated design
• 1 month ago
This is a class act casino! I bought in with $70 and got a nice welcome bonus. I parlayed that into a cash-out for $3,000. I had some nice big wins on their slots.

I had several live chats in which they were very quick to respond and gave the information I needed. There was a hiccup in the facial recognition software for the withdrawal process, but they stayed with me all the way. I spoke to them twice on the phone and they were extremely polite and helpful. They genuinely wanted to help me.

They were always immediately available in chat or on the phone. I never got the run-around.

I cashed out with Bitcoin and the entire process took less than 48 hours from my request to receiving the payout.

Of all the places I have played so far, this was the best experience. I admit that I am thrilled that I won on my first deposit with them, but every aspect to this casino is top-notch.

My only suggestion is that they offer more game providers. It is all RTG.
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  • World-class customer service
  • Fast pay-out times
  • Great welcome bonus
  • Would like to see more slot providers
ClubWorld Casinos
Hi Jaxson59,

Thank you for your kind feedback, it is always appreciated when we hear from our players.

Games providers are something we are always looking into, and we will continue to do so, thank you for raising this.

All the best and Happy New Year.

The Club World Team
• 1 month ago
Average bonuses, but nothing special. RTG games so it looks like a bunch of other casinos. I started with $272 (deposit & bonus) and the biggest amount I won was $26. This was a waste of money and was not fun to play. I would not recommend this site.
  • Average bonuses
  • Not much else
  • Waste of money.
• 1 month ago
I have been playing here about 6 months. They have good bonuses and their live chat function is very nice. I have won a number of times and they pay out in about 4 business days. Their slots have tightened up on me. Maybe it's just me, though. I would recommend this casino.

UPDATE: Something has changed about this casino in the last couple of months. Their live chat has disappeared and you cannot reach them by phone. They do not return emails, either. So, basically, you cannot contact them. I understand the concept of gambling but this site has also changed in the winnings aspect. It is almost impossible to win anything more than a mere pittance. I don't know if they have had a change of management/ownership, but from this point forward, I most likely will not be playing here anymore. It used to be fun - win some and lose some. Now I might as well throw my money out the window.
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  • Good bonuses, pays out in 4 business days, Customer service is very helpful
  • No live chat, phone numbers don't work and they don't return emails.
  • Very hard to win anything but a staggeringly small amount
• 2 months ago
This casino started out like gangbusters with bonuses that allowed you to play for awhile. After the first couple of deposits, I can't win more than a couple of dollars a spin. They have a Daily Complimentary bonus which never works for me. I inquired with their chat service and was told nothing of value.

Their chat representatives know very little and take forever to respond to you. Not sure why they even have it.

Their selection of games is limited .

I would recommend that you spend your money elsewhere.
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  • Big bonuses at first
  • You'll probably never win
  • Customer Service is dismal at best
  • Limited selection of slots
• 2 months ago
I bought in with a large bonus for my first time playing here. I should have been able to play long enough to have fun, but I could only win little piddly amounts. It was not enjoyable. I understand the win/lose concept, but this experience was disappointing. There are much better places to play where at least you are entertained. I will not return.
  • Large bonus
  • Don't plan on winning because you won't. Not even close.
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