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MyStake Casino - The player struggles to re-verify his account.

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MyStake Casino
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Submitted: 17 Sep 2022 | Resolved : 22 Sep 2022
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Case summary

1 week ago

The player struggles to re-verify his account as the casino requesting old documents from him. The complaint was resolved as the player's account got verified.

2 weeks ago

Unfortunately I have to turn here, otherwise I won't be able to get any further with the casino.

Regarding the value in dispute: I have a 4-digit amount of money in my player account, but currently no open payout because it was rejected, more on this below.

Situation: After a withdrawal request (2 previous withdrawals were without problems), MyStake wanted a simple photo (front and back of my credit card - with this I made 4-5 deposits about 5 months ago.

I know that you have to verify yourself in casinos every now and then, even if payouts were previously problem-free, and I don't think it's a problem at all, I've never had any problems with it, so everything's good so far.

I then sent this (photo of credit card) by email as requested (not with the email address stored in the account) and mentioned that the email address stored in my account no longer exists and asked to change it .

I deleted the e-mail address that was stored in my account (but was never verified by me - the verification process is still pending) several months ago via Microsoft because I only got spam and viruses there every day.

In an email it said that I should send the following so that you could change my email address: A selfie showing me, my ID card and a piece of paper on which I handwritten my full name + username.

I thought that was crazy, but of course I was happy to send it.

I also voluntarily and uninvited included a photo of a bank letter in the mail showing my address. (So even more than was requested).

But the answer was the following: ''please send us the same documents as the ones that have been used for the verification'' - so I should suddenly send my documents, which I had to send after creating an account (about a year ago). had used?

You can't see which documents these were on MyStake, you just see a blue tick with the word Verified.

How am I supposed to find out now?

I tried to get quick help via the live chat, but they couldn't help me and referred me to KYC@Mystake.com. (So also the address with which I am currently in mail contact)

Then it occurred to me that I always carry out verifications with an o2 mobile phone internet bill and a bank statement (both as screenshots), because that always works, at least so far in all the casinos I've been to, so I was sure that that was it then must have been.

So I said that I couldn't remember the documents and sent (unsolicited) a screenshot of my Girocard + credit card statement and a screenshot of the last o2 mobile internet bill.

It now says: we do not accept screenshots.

Not more. No please send this, or this or anything like that.

That means: you get an email with a sentence every 4-5 or 6-7 hours and then you have to ask questions and wait another 6-7 hours until you get an answer.

If this continues, there will never be a solution.

Is it really that difficult to accept standard documents?

Even if I don't send a screenshot, but 2-3 photos of bank letters, driver's license photo, ID card photo, etc., I still get a rejection email.

So I've already sent more sensitive & private information to KYC@mystake.com than any other casino ever.

It can't be that you tell a user to send exactly the documents that you used for verification at the time.

And if it has to be the same, how am I supposed to re-photograph the exact same letter I uploaded almost a year ago?

Of course, it has long since been processed into paper by the landfill, that's not possible.

If my concern does not qualify for a complaint, then please close, then I'm sorry.

But I think you are my last chance to solve the problem with me and for me.

Best regards,


Automatic translation:
2 weeks ago

Hello Schenki92,

Thank you very much for submitting your complaint and I'm really sorry to hear about your issue with MyStake Casino. Please allow me to ask you a few more question before we would move forward.

Do I understand it correctly that your first verification was done directly through the casino account where it is not visible what did you send to them? When exactly did they request for those old documents and how did they argue when you confronted them?

Looking forward to your answer.



2 weeks ago

Hello Nick,

the theater went on, people wanted the documents used at the time and insisted on them.

Yes, I uploaded these via ''My Profile'' and you can't see exactly what kind of documents they were, nobody could tell me which documents they were, neither the support nor the KYC department.

I replied that I had never experienced anything like this before and that it shouldn't be that difficult to verify otherwise, I'm open to any kind of nonsense and I'm happy to give you everything you need.

Below that I wrote whether I really need to seek help from Casino-Guru, Askgamblers or Trustpilot or similar sites.

Suddenly I got an email saying I had used my credit card.

I have already sent this twice (that's why my payout was canceled) and it was already included in the entire mail history.

So I sent you a third time in response and all of a sudden it said 'Your credit card has been verified'

What a strange coincidence that after I mentioned Casinoguru, among other things, all of a sudden nothing old was needed anymore and that what I had already sent twice is suddenly ok.

My email address has still not been changed, but I was finally able to pay out again.

Accordingly, the case can be closed.

As long as I can get my money, I don't care if the e-mail address is no longer correct, because it seems that you really only change it with exactly the documents that were used at the time, which are not visible and which cannot be named either.

As I said, I don't care now, the main thing is that the credit card has now been verified, despite the fact that I was able to do this with an email address that is not stored in the profile.

Case can be set to solved, if there are problems again, I'll open a new complaint.

best regards,


Automatic translation:
1 week ago

Thank you Schenki92 for letting us know that the issue has been resolved. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you will come across any other trouble again in the future, we will gladly try to help you out.



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