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Amount: €300

Greenplay Casino - Player’s withdrawal has been delayed for two months.

8.5/10 Very Good reputation Submitted: 30 Jun 2020 | Case opened
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12 days ago - 30 Jun 2020

The player from Germany has requested a withdrawal over two months ago. It has been pending since.

Written by Petronela
Casino analyst and complaint specialist
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Deposit is instant, only if you ever want to pay something out (should actually be a test of whether it works) you will not be able to get your money back.Email will be sent to you, you should do this and that, but it happens in the end Nothing, I've been waiting for payment since April, now is July.

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Dear Uwe,

Thank you very much for submitting your complaint. I’m sorry to hear about your problem. Please allow me to ask you a few questions, so I can understand the whole situation completely. Have you completed your account verification successfully? Have you ever been given and explanation why your winnings were not paid yet? Please forward any relevant communication to petronela.k@casino.guru. Could you please specify which payment method you have opted for and if this were your first attempt for a withdrawal in this casino? I understand that it might seem like a lot of questions, but all the requested information is essential if we wish to proceed with this case. Thank you very much in advance for your reply.

Best regards,


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It was the first attempt. Wire Transfer Withdrawal should be made to the account from which the deposit was made.

Explanation by mail. I need all the data my passport, bank card, my wife's passport, my wife's consent, etc.

Upload to account Greenplay. This happened 3 times, always the same mail. In the last it was photographing and uploading, then all corners had to be seen 2 times.

As of today, the amount was withdrawn from the payment account, I can gamble it away !!!

Payment request must be re-applied, I have done, data complete with Kontonr.etc entered.

and apparently it starts all over again and the marmot greets every day.

Deposit in seconds, withdraw in weeks, let alone months.

That's not normal

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Dear Uwe,

Could you please clarify why your wife’s passport and consent were needed? Have you deposited funds in to your account using a joint account? Thank you.

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we paid from the joint account and since my wife has probably kept her maiden name, that must have been the case.

But that does not explain if you have paid what from the account, the payment should be paid again, so many stones are put in the way.

Nobody wanted a passport when depositing !!!!!!!!

And now I could not have the € 300 paid out, but the amount had to be less.

So 290 €

new: greenplay has just written: we have received your payment request, but i have to wait at least 2 days. wait again and wait again.

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I have checked terms and conditions, which you’ve accepted when opening an account, and this is what I found https://www.greenplay.com/info/terms/:

"All payments into your Player Account must be from a single payment source, such as a credit card, debit card or charge card, on which you are the named account holder."

Could you please advise if your wife has an account in this casino too? Which payment method you have used and whose names was displayed on it? Thank you. 

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From my wife's account, payment was made using an EC card via Sofortüberweisung.

Now it is getting very interesting, I have photographed all ID cards, cards and informed consent and saved it at greenplay. Today then the following mail !!!!!!!

****** Please DO NOT attach any files or documents to your e-mail replies, because unfortunately they cannot otherwise be edited. Instead, please access your "My Account" and use the function for uploading documents. ******

Hello Uwe,

Thank you for uploading your documents recently.

Please note that the following documentation has been rejected, so we ask you to upload another copy:

• A recent utility bill showing your name, address, logo, and date. Not older than 6 months. (Please note that cell phone bills are not accepted).

Please note that the documents you submitted have been rejected because they did not meet the requirements below:

• All four corners of the document did not show

Poor quality of the document

• Document has expired

Scanned copy has been provided

Non-color copies

The information on the document did not match the information registered in your player account

• The document was beyond the allowed timeframe (the utility bill has not been issued within the past 3 months)

• Missing information

For your convenience, you can now log into your greenplay account and upload your documentation via the Document Upload section under 'My Account' -> 'Account Details'.

To access the document upload area directly, please click 'here' .

We look forward to receiving your documentation as soon as possible, Uwe.

Best regards,


I'm close to informing and acting on the law firm

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Dear Uwe,

Thank you very much for your reply. Could you please clarify once again, if you have deposited funds in to your account using a joint account or your wife’s account? 

Uwe has 0d 5h 0m 32s to reply