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Cyberdice by Orbital Gaming
Dice (Orbital Gaming)
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Dice (Orbital Gaming) by Orbital Gaming
Craps (Urgent Games)
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Craps (Urgent Games) by Urgent Games
Scratch Dice (BGaming)
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Scratch Dice (BGaming) by BGaming
Sic-Bo Macau(BGaming)
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Sic-Bo Macau(BGaming) by BGaming
Sic-Bo (BGaming)
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Sic-Bo (BGaming) by BGaming
Rocket Dice
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Rocket Dice by BGaming
Roll to Luck
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Roll to Luck by Evoplay
Craps (Nucleus Gaming)
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Craps (Nucleus Gaming) by Nucleus Gaming
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HiLo by Gaming1
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Craps by Realtime Gaming
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A quick overview of dice games

Dice games are an important part of the casino experience. They're often easy to learn and offer quick results, making them an entertaining option for players.

The history of dice games, of course, stretches back to well before the creation of the first casinos in the 17th century. Historians believe that primitive humans rolled cube-shaped animal bones, like ankle bones, with markings on each side to foresee what would happen in the future, which suggests that dice games have always captured the human imagination.

These games of chance appear throughout history, in ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian civilizations, and feature in one of the oldest board games ever discovered, dating back to Sumer in the 3rd millennium BCE.

It wasn't until the Enlightenment era, however, that humans started to analyze the mathematical probabilities of dice, rather than believing they fell a certain way due to the actions of Gods or supernatural events. This inspired many of the dice games we know today and that you might find in a modern casino, including perhaps the most popular dice game of all – craps.

A summary of craps

Craps is a game where you bet on the outcomes of a pair of six-sided dice. The most common variant is the multi-player version where every player takes turns to throw the dice.

The rules of craps vary according to the game type and the casino, but the game is normally divided into two parts: 'the come-out' and 'the point'. The result of the first part decides whether the game continues into the second part, but the general objective is that players bet on whether the dice 'pass' or 'don't pass', and receive a pay-out according to this.

The craps table

Craps has a specially designed table, like in roulette, with different betting sections for players to place their chips to show their stakes. There's also a special section for the shooter to roll the dice.

There are several different versions of crap tables, each with their own small variations, so it would take all day to talk about each one.

One-on-one craps and dice games

If you look through the craps and dice games selection on this page, you'll see several versions that pit the player against the dealer one-on-one.

These tend to be simpler games where you just bet on whether the dice will total more or less than a number you choose. You can also select the number of dice you play with, and the odds for each scenario vary according to this.

Mobile craps and dice games

The rapid improvement in HTML-5 technology means that the popularity of mobile-friendly casinos is increasing. There's little to no difference in quality between these and desktop casinos these days, and many players enjoy craps and other dice games on their tablet or smartphone.

To find these games on this page, just click on the 'Advanced' filter and then the 'Mobile Devices Supported' section. Flash player has been discontinued in 2020, and applying this filter will make sure you won't see any older games that require it.

Other free games you can play on Casino Guru

It's not just free games that Casino Guru has for players to try out. Our database has thousands of free games that include pretty much any type of casino entertainment you can think of. These include the latest slots games, video poker, roulette and blackjack. Lesser-known games are covered, too, such as bingo, keno and baccarat.

To have a look through these, just go to our free casino games page where you can use the filters there to sort through them. Go to the 'Game Type' section there to choose your preferred game, or you can find titles from your favorite providers by hitting the 'Game Provider' filter and choosing from major players like NetEnt and Red Tiger.

Free craps and dice games FAQ

How do I play craps and dice games for free online?

This page is your launchpad for free online craps and dice games. Take a look at the list of titles here that you can play.

You can sort through these using the different on-page filters. To get mobile-friendly versions, or games from a certain provider, for example, then just go to the relevant filter and select your choice.

Once you've done this, then you can start playing right away by clicking on the title and loading the game. You should see instructions in the game that will guide you through your first bet and you can continue from there.

Do I need to download extra software to play these games online?

No, never. Every title available on Casino Guru is an in-browser game so extra software is not necessary.

If you want to play on mobile craps, then these should work as well as desktop versions.

Do free craps and dice games work the same as real-money versions?

Yes. Just think of them as identical except with real-money wagering removed for the free version.

Both have the exact same rules, game mathematics and Random Number Generator (RNG) — the technology that guarantees a random result each time.

Are there any good craps and dice strategies I can use?

Craps and dice games depend on pure chance, so it's very difficult to come up with an effective strategy that will increase your chances of a positive return. If you see any so-called experts or influencers online, then bear in mind that they're probably just trying to get attention or make money. We should treat their 'expertise' with a lot of caution.

Sensible gambling principles, on the other hand, are very important, and it's good to develop positive habits when we play online. Examples of this include remembering that gambling is not a way of making money, and only betting what we can afford. Principles like these are a type of strategy in that they help guard us against heavy losses and future distress.

To read about Casino Guru's recommended safe gambling rules, then take a look at our 'How to gamble safely' page.

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