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1 month ago mafarrica
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1 month ago

Good Morning

Which bookmakers offer bonuses on sports betting for residents of Portugal?

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mafarrica 1 month ago

Hello, I am not sure I am fully able to answer you. Casino Guru primarily focus on casino games, but maybe some of our users could help you in this matter. 

1 month ago

As soon as you can answer me

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mafarrica 1 month ago

Well, it just crossed my mind that you can go through casinos that accept players from Portugal and check whether casinos offer sports betting as well:

look for "INTERESTING FACTS" and "The company focuses on both casino and sports betting", sadly there is no direct filter for that kind of casinos nor bonuses.

As Magda explained, this is not our cup of tea.

2 weeks ago

Hello. Thanks for your interesting post. I read it with great interest. The international betting platform 22BET offers secure payment options for Brazilians and gives them the opportunity to have fun. I recommend reading. Great and safe bookmaker. Thanks.

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Gudira 2 weeks ago


your post does not make much sense, but what drives me mad is that you tried to promote a site that is already blacklisted elsewhere...🤨



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