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1 year ago by Hrvat1992
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1 year ago

Dear community, what are your experiences with Mifinity? For one thing, I don't know why you didn't verify my bank account. Now I have sent the third document which clearly shows that it is my bank details.

Second, it really takes forever. How is it as soon as the money from the casino lands on the Mifinity account how long does it usually take until you have the money in the account?

I'm grateful for any experience/information

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1 year ago

Just a suggestion, you can use the upper search bar to find keywords such as "mifinity" to see the forum result:


Sadly, it seems that other players struggled as well. 🙁

1 year ago

Can someone help me with mifinity verification? I sent the statement confirmation of the transfer from the account and the verification was rejected ... address verification also 5 days in progress 🙈

1 year ago

Hello there. Have you read this thread?

I fear nothing has changed since my last post here... The Mifinity support in not in the best shape either.

Have you tried to contact them via their social media profiles? I'd try that.

1 year ago

do they have these?

1 year ago

Go ahead and check for yourself - we could use more concrete info, for sure!

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