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Foreign language films - a question

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Do you prefer dubbed movies or those with subtitles?

Automatic translation
4 weeks ago

If you want to learn some foreign language, then it is better to watch films in this language with subtitles. There will be more benefits

PeterWilk 4 weeks ago

I'm wondering, how is it in Canada? Do you have enough films in French or are they mostly in English?

3 weeks ago

I applied to different companies and it took me a long time to find one that would approve me. A foreign company came up, but since I didn't know the language, I was afraid to submit my resume, because I might make mistakes if I just translate it through online services. Luckily I found a great service for translation of resumes for just such cases. So be sure to check it out. I hope I was able to help!

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Daniel 2 weeks ago

With some margin more in English, but there is such a moment from psychology - the more you concentrate, the more you come across. I prefer to watch in English

2 days ago

Depends on the movie. Movies with slang or accents like 'Snatch' are better in original as there is no 'london cockney accent in my native German. Or braveheart. I didn't know that Mel Gibson talks Scottish in the original version. Some movies are better watching a sync. Version. Like Oliver Stones 'Alexander' where Colin Farrell plays him talking Irish.

Frankey yesterday

Yes, the accents are sometimes very important. On the other hand, when I compare the original and Czech version of Simpsons, the Czech version is far better 😀