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Provider with highest RTP

1 year ago Inferno
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1 year ago

I just read somewhere that Habanero is provider with highest RTP, even 98.09% RTP on some game

how much is this true actually?

Are they have option with different RTP on same slots like u guys mention in video about slots?

or they can fix them like Pragmatic and Play'n Go...

If not Habanero is best slots to play ...

1 month ago

My experiences with Play'n Go are very negative. You have been able to forget games for about 2 years. And thank god I am not alone in this opinion. Many of my friends say the same thing. They actually avoid play n go.

Pragmatic play-is the next provider who, if he continues like this, will move to Play n Go. If something doesn't change soon, I'll avoid this provider as well

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paclmaya 1 week ago

starting to feel that everyone complaining recently about any providers...

but ye, play'n'go is one of the top bottom provider

Also i see so many providers trying to be on playlist, some of them idk if they legit...anyway i tested most of them none of them seems good. They are cartoonish, low rate ,low % on spin/jackpot, and 50% are copied from some top notch provider. u can literally see same game only different name and almost same graph to be offered as 'new' game..

idk what to say except avoid all

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