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evolution gaming rejecting bets issues

2 weeks ago sardapoor
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2 weeks ago

hello guys ,

i was wondering if more players having the same issues with evolution gaming tables who rejects the winning bets ?

due this issues i missed aprox. about 17000€ winning bets and never had a refund since casinos and provider gives you the standard run around and not taking responsibility for the bugs (intentional controll)they always replay that it is my internet or that that day there are some irregularities in the game .first of all my internet is 150 mb/s i can render every heavy game with no problem .second it always comes up when the winning numbers coming out and never the losing .exceptional very small bet to make you think it is normal.

this must stop or the casinos must refund the winning bets .i was always thinking why they have this in the terms .isnt obvious that a casino must pay a winning bet as usual the same as in a landbased !this is pure profit for casino and provider and is illegal . this has also a huge psychlogical impact and how you play .it is rude .i hope we can figure out a way to take this further .

sardapoor 2 weeks ago

I honestly believe that if they did this intentionally, there would be many complaints submitted against Evolution from the players. I actually knew few people who worked there and I've never heard they had this kind of issue. Yes, it happens that the connection gets interrupted from time to time when you try to place a bet, but it doesn't happen too often. Have you ever tried a different internet connection and device?

2 weeks ago

hi Daniel,there are many complaints about this issue Evo rejecting bets .i found at least 10 of them on the internet .i forgot were but this is a big issue .i tried every thing ,3 different brouwsers ,phone and i always clean cashe and coocis before remember my case with emoij casino the rejected my bets because i was betting over 100€ and was not allowed to make those bets because i was not a vip .so this shows they can reject your bets on any time they want to.and it happens always after multi losing spins and you winning section wil come up.there is a delay in the streem they know the numbers coming out before the game begin .it is then very easy just to cancel the bet if they think it will be a lost for them.remember every cancelled bet is a win for casino and provider.i hope to hear from victims here .

sardapoor 2 weeks ago

The best would be to record your issues and clearly explain everything from the video. Then you can complain to the licensing authority. Not only casinos, but even game providers should have a license. Since I know they have offices in Malta, I believe they should be regulated by MGA.

2 weeks ago

hi Daniel,

i have heard many excuses why evolution gaming rejects bets : internetnet connection ,limited by not be vip,glitches ,it is your computer end and the last one were they rejected 300€ bets after 3 days investigation replayed that the site have a session limit for 60 minutes only, that is why the bets got rejected .wow that is right on time right . so my 3 winning bet were exactly in minute 60 ?? so why i did not read about this rule in the terms .how should i know this since in all casinos you can do it by yourself !.what happend to the early casinos who refunded your missing bets right in the chat after looking into it .basicly this is just robbery right in the face .no shame .from now on every bet will be recorded .i am tiered be robbed everytime i can make some profit .i am looking forward to the landbased casinos to will not bring you one meter forward .basicly it just organized scammm.looking forward[ i hope not it happens but you never know] ,that you solve a recorded rejected bet since you guys always advice to record the spins .


sardapoor 1 week ago

I'm not saying that we'll solve a recorded rejected spin, but MGA should be able to deal with it if it's all recorded clearly.

1 week ago

HI Daniel/

Evolution gaming has stolen so many bets from me that i feel free to expose them here .

12 months ago i won 1300 in a casino and then i closed my acount .after 12 month i reactivated my acount again and deposited to play .i will put screenshots here from my play just to show you that this company is not what everyone thinks it is .this is pure theft .they want their 1300 € back ?just look at the game play they have blocked me from any win.they strip my balance 20 cents by 20 cents up to zero . the only wins are just to keep me at play and encourage me to to keep depositing .i am now 300 €down at the same casino without any win .i knew they keep up with your wins and losses to manipulate your game .they dont want to pay the only time they pay is to lure you into yhe game .i think someone must standup and react .i have no other words then just a rippoff. i have other screenshots with bigger bets the same trent .unbelieveable .filefilefile

sardapoor 1 week ago

I don't really understand what you're trying to prove with the screenshots. It only shows that you sometimes win, sometimes lose. The losses are small, the winnings are small.

I don't see the specific bets on the table so it's hard to say if you're unlucky, but the history looks like a standard roulette game. If you start betting only on a single number, you'll have many losses in a row - sometimes even over 100, but when you win, you win a lot. There's nothing strange on your betting history.

It just looks like you bet on multiple numbers or you generally cover big part of the table so when you lose, you simply lose your bet, but when you win something, you don't win that much, because your other bets on the table lose anyway.

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1 week ago

the small bets i was testing and to show the games are controlled and limited in a way the casino take 70% of the deposit . isnt weird they claim all is random and fair that the bets are always in favorite of casino .if it is fift fifty shouldnt the win and lose bets are balanced.this was only a play with small bets i cover 17 till 20 numbers and the casino manege to give me sometimes 20 losing spins .no man there is no way these games are fair .never .these another example how they forse you to lose .playing 17 till 20 numbers is impossible to have these outcomes .no way.this company is scamming all their players every 20 seconds .no wonder they are bying up all the other providers .filetrust me i play 11 years online now ,my financial results showing the impossible .i must coclude the games are rigged and we all are ripped off by these provider .it might seem genuine to a lame starting playing online or betting small but all players making medium till big bets are awake .filefile

sardapoor 1 week ago

The thing is that the history doesn't show that you really play 17-20 numbers and it's quite a short history so if you send this to relevant authorities, they won't deal with it. The most important figure should be your long-term RTP on the account. This should show whether it's alright or there's something weird about the results of your gameplay.

I remember a game in a land-based casino where 11 of 15 last numbers were "0" and I also remember 16 REDS in a row. These things happen, but there should also be moments when the luck is on your side and and you get multiple winnings in a row.

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1 week ago

hi Daniel,it is possible to see the numbers i bet in the game history .but that would be hondreds of screenshots if not thousands if i play few hours .i understand what you are saying about the RTP but unfortunatley it get reset every session is my experience .i just have to take a look at my deposit and withdrawal reports to know something is not oke here .example if i register on a new casino 9 out of 10 i win the first time even with 30 € deposit i can go up to 3000€ one time at play tech casino i deposited 50€ and won 5000€ on the slingshot and with 5000€ i did not get one single win it all went down to 0.basicly after a withdrawal is for me impossible to win again until i deposit what i cashed out and few deposits own money and then i get a win from my own money .online is basicly gambling against your own money at the end the casino takes it all .in landbased i have different results there it is the opposite i can win up to 1 month every day and unfortunately the losing day soon or later will appear too .but meantime i had great time .in online casino i have to deposit every day .what concern me the most there is no single proof evolution games are auditted or are licensed .they only claim that if asked .if i am proud and honest i would be very transparant to my customers wich they not are .if you ask about this in the chat they just block you .isnt that weird?from now on i will not deposit more then 20€ at a time it is not beateable never.

sardapoor 6 days ago

I fully understand that it would be hundreds of screenshots. You probably put a lot of money into roulette so I'm still convinced it's worth it to start recording. If something strange will start happening, then you have a good material that could be shared with the licensing authority. I'd say that's basically the best option you have since now it's only your word against the provider's word.

6 days ago

Had this happen to me a few times always when your numbers come in. Got to be abit suspicious

Tinz 4 days ago

It needed to track whether it's only your feeling or whether it's true that the game fails exactly at the moment when you're supposed to win.

Take a not every time the game crashes or you fail to place to bets and then take a note about the outcome. Would you win a lot from the spin or not? I suppose that you sometimes win, but in many other cases, you would simply lose your bet.

Tinz 4 days ago

Let me quess the casino told you it is your internet connection right?

if you losing they take your money and if you win they only return your initial bet .well that is a good business ,free money.

we cant do anything about this . the casino state in their terms no refunds incase of technical irregularitys .wonder why beforehand putting it there.i know about 6 years ago if this happend you just went to the chat and after looking at it the refund was immidiatly in your balance and they apologized for the inconvient but these days they make you feel you are lying and bad very rude .As Daniel mentioned before record every big bet .i purchased bandicam very easy to use .

sardapoor 4 days ago

Yes, Bandicam is used widely. It should work. I don't think they refuse the bets on purpose, but it might be possible that the games are so bugged that you fail to bet on numerous occasions. Let's see what you manage to record.

Daniel 3 days ago

here again an examble and the basic trent at evolution gaming.

first screen i deposit 50 € at instant roulette ,after win and lose several times to warm you up were i ended in profit 5€ wich is 10 % RTP and then suddenly all 17x losing spins in row balance 0.i was betting from number 0 down to 36.

then i deposit 75€ same casino i played live studio green table again same trent win ,lose i ended up 140€ and agin out of nothing 16 losing spins was betting the same numbers as previous game wich brings the RTP to 10%

so total 125 € deposit win 15 euro and then forced to 0.this company is truelly operated by a criminal organisation .i just dont understand how an european authorothy just let them rippof their citizens ,unbelieveable .contacted casino they never can defend this and come up with crap like if feel you lost to much you can limit your deposits .what a crap.i truelly think the casinos know this company is scam but they proceed to offer their games it brings free money in .this is not gambling but a huge ripp are the odds this happens every session i play this crap.



filei cant be so unlucky >every casino tell you sir you had a bad day lol.roulette is a game of chance and evolution takes the chance out and give you the housedge .